St. Jude Novena

St Jude Novena

Saint Jude is the patron of Hopeless Causes and Desperate Situations.

Pray these novena prayers to Saint Jude with confidence. Catholics have relied on his intercession in times of extreme need for centuries.

This Apostle and Martyr has helped countless souls through his epistle in the New Testament and his intercessions on behalf of those who seek his aid in times of trial.

Pray this novena for your intentions asking St. Jude to intercede to God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit on your behalf.

St. Jude Answers Prayers

Here is a testimony about one example of St. Jude answering prayers for someone who prays with us here at

“[My son] had a hard time and struggled, but I believe that God heard my prayers to St. Jude asking for my son to be successful — and the prayers were answered. My son passed all his exams and worked his way up from the lowest position in a hotel and today he is General Manager of this hotel. As a little boy, he had dyslexia and so school was not an easy road for him but with constant prayers to St. Jude, he succeeded.”

– Annabella

About St. Jude

Saint Jude was one of Jesus’ twelve original apostles, so we can conclude that he was also at the Last Supper. Saint Jude is also known by the name Thaddeus, which means sweetness and gentleness of character.

He is not the traitor Judas Iscariot.

Saint Jude, rather, followed Jesus faithfully until His crucifixion, and then later worked on evangelization. Very little is known about his life, but we do know that he died as a martyr — some say around 65AD, giving his life to Jesus Christ.

He is now one of the most invoked saints for intercession in desperate situations because his New Testament letter stressed the importance of a faithful person persevering in the environment of harsh circumstances.

St. Jude Novena Prayers

St Jude NovenaO St. Jude, holy Apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, you are honored and petitioned by the universal Church, as the patron of desperate, hopeless and impossible cases. Pray for me. I am so very helpless and I feel alone.

Intercede for me that Almighty God may bring swift aid where it is needed most. Come to my assistance in my great time of need!

Pray for me that I may be given the comfort and help of Jesus. Most importantly, I ask that you pray that I may one day join you and all of the saints in heaven to praise God in consolation, rest and joy for all eternity.

I will remember your prayers, O Holy St. Jude. I will honor you as my patron as so many have before me because of the graces God deigns to give freely at your request.


Novena Closing Prayers

May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, and loved in all the tabernacles until the end of time. — Amen.

May the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised and glorified now and forever. — Amen.

St. Jude pray for us and hear our prayers. — Amen.

Blessed be the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Blessed be St. Jude Thaddeus, in all the world and for all Eternity.

Our Father…

Hail Mary…


St. Jude Novena – DAY ONE

O blessed apostle St. Jude, who labored zealously among the Gentiles in many lands, and performed numerous miracles in needy and despairing cases, I ask you to take interest in my needs. I know that you understand me. Please hear my prayers and my petitions. Please beg God for me and my deepest needs.

(State your intentions)

I pray that I will be patient in learning God’s holy will for me and then courageously carry it out in my life.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!


St. Jude Novena – DAY TWO

O blessed apostle Jude, who answers hopeless causes, grant that I will always serve Jesus Christ with fervor and zeal. Grant that I may give my best efforts in living His will every day. Please pray that I will turn my heart and mind such that God will always be first in my life. May my love of God be first above all things, all desires and even all my intentions today.

(State your intentions)

St. Jude, please grant that I may be enlightened as to what is best for me! Pray for my intentions today and especially pray for me to receive the grace to love God more than what I seek from Him.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude Novena – DAY THREE

O holy St. Jude, apostle of Jesus Christ, you who have so faithfully spread Jesus’ Gospel of Light and Love, I ask and beg you to remember me and my deepest needs. St. Jude, please especially pray for…

(State your intentions)

Grant that I may always pray with fervor and devotion, resigning myself and my needs humbly to my loving God. Grant that I may see God’s purpose in all my trials and that I may be open to God’s answers to my sincere prayers.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude Novena – DAY FOUR

Saint Jude, Jesus called you to be one of His chosen and beloved apostles. With God’s calling, you labored to bring men to a knowledge and love of God. Please listen with compassion to my prayers and grant your intercession.

In this broken world I have many trials, difficulties, and temptations. Please pray for me and my petitions in God’s presence. St. Jude, beg God that my most urgent prayers may be answered.

(State your intentions)

May God answer my prayers in His way that is best for me. May God give me the grace to see His purpose in all things.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude Novena – DAY FIVE

O blessed St. Jude, close companion my Lord Jesus, you have given me a good example of how to lead a life of zeal and devotion to Jesus. I humbly request that today you hear my prayers and petitions and intercede for me. I ask you to pray especially for…

(State your intentions)

As I pray for God’s blessings in my life today, please grant that I may never forget all the truth, goodness and beauty that God has given to me out of His pure love for me. May I, like you St. Jude, give thanks and praise to God every day for the blessings that I have asked for and those which God has given freely. I humbly give myself over to God’s holy will, knowing that He alone knows what is best for me and my present needs.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude Novena – DAY SIX

Dearest St. Jude, friend and apostle of Christ and expert in despairing cases, hear my prayers. In all my needs and desires may I only seek what is pleasing to God and what is best for my salvation and the salvation of the world. Saint Jude, please beg God for help with my requests…

(State your intentions)

I submit my prayers to you with great confidence in your intercession. I know that you will pray fervently at the feet of God that I may receive His greatest blessings. I know that our good and gracious Lord leaves no sincere prayer unanswered in some way. Help me to see His answers and praise Him even if they are not what I expect.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude Novena – DAY SEVEN

Holy apostle Saint Jude, may I never forget that our blessed Lord Jesus Christ called you to be one of His holy apostles. May I never forget the martyr’s death you suffered out of love for Jesus. May I never forget how close a friend of God you are now for all eternity. Therefore, I do not hesitate to ask you to pray to Him for my needs…

(State your intentions)

I ask with great humility that you beg God to bring me as close to Him as you are in heaven. I desire to submit fully to the will of God, as you did, trusting fully when I suffer, doubt or don’t understand. Pray that I will receive and accept such a great grace from God!


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude Novena – DAY EIGHT

O gracious Saint Jude, apostle of my Lord, pray that I may always be open to God’s love and live according to His holy will. May I never fail to cooperate with the grace of God, especially when I am in such great need. St. Jude, please intercede with great intensity on my behalf for these intentions…

(State your intentions)

May I forever be deeply and truly thankful to God for the blessings I have received in the past. Help me to understand that I am totally dependent on God and His love and mercy. When I feel alone, as you surely did when you suffered a martyr’s death, pray that I will take it as an opportunity to rely on God’s grace and love.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude Novena – DAY NINE

O righteous Saint Jude, apostle, martyr and companion of Christ, grant that I may grow constantly in a loving relationship with God. In working out my salvation in this life I have infinite needs and desires that God placed within me. Today I turn to you, asking you to intercede for me.

(mention your request)

Saint Jude, I have specific requests of God that may only partially fill the infinite needs and desires that are in my heart. I ask that you pray not only for those requests but also for a greater reliance on God to satisfy the needs and desires that I have. May I seek God with a sincere heart knowing that it will profit me nothing if I gain the whole world yet suffer the loss of my soul. So, help me to see God’s good and gracious purpose in all my trials.


St. Jude, pray for me!

Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!

St. Jude’s Patronages

Saint Jude is the patron saint of….

Lost Causes
Desperate Causes

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  2. Dear brothers and Sisters,

    God answered my prayers and gave me a job after I was asked asked to resign from my former employment. It was such a desperate situation, to me I was almost asking for the impossible but I kept hearing St Jude’s voice telling me, ‘it will be done’. Incidentally that was my first full St Jude novena and it was on the last day of the novena that I heard a voice while I was praying asking me to make 2 special requests. I did first was that someone should urgently pay for a land I put for sale which has been in the market since 6 months, secondly is that I should be offered employment where I have attended interview without further interviews as I was still especting another round of discussion with the MD of the company. Then the voice asked me “when do you want them answered”, I replied “today”. Few hours later my brother called to tell me that the property I placed for sale to avert a serious legal issues that could destroy my reputation has been paid for while no agreement has been signed and the person who paid money into his account is not yet known. That same evening I got a call to come for medicals with the company where I have attended interview without further interview, a job that has been hanging for 4 months. Today I have a job. All glory be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ and thanks to my patron saint, St. Jude

  3. Thank you for everything I have asked. Please watch over my son, keep him safe and healthy. May he get called to work soon so he doesn’t have to leave the area again. Please please help him find work soon. Amen

  4. Dear St. Jude,
    Please intercede for us to our sweet Jesus, our Lord! We are having financial difficulties with our credit cards. We need HELP! I don’t know what else to do. I hestitate to call our credit card companies for fear that they want us to pay more than we can. Please, I kindly beg you that somehow we have more money to pay off our credit card bills. St. Jude, please pray for us. Thank you for listening! Amen

  5. Thanks to St.Jude for favors granted. I will always honor you as my patron saint and praise God with you and all the saints forever. Please continue to intercede for me. I am so desperate.

  6. St. Jude, I come to you in this time of need. We need help with our current financial situation that is hurting my family in different ways. I ask that you help us get out of this financial hole we are in and allows to be able to get back on our feet so that we can be able to send our daughter to the school she wants to go to. Times are bad and I beg to please, please, please come to our aid, come to my daughter’s aid. I thank you from my family and I know that you are a powerful Saint who makes miracles come true so I plead that you helps us in this time of great need. I will be forever grateful. Thank you and AMEN

  7. Dear St. Jude,

    Please pray for my boyfriend to have a peaceful mind and may his faith to God be back. He lost his faith as he is very frustrated in his life especially when he cant get what he wants and then everything were accumulated already. Our relationship is also affected which I cannot take. He became withdrawn and never talked to me the same way as before. I’d like to help him but the only way is this prayer and some are in my mind. I pray that, may he realize that I’m always here with him no matter what. I pray that we get back together asap and also to bring back his faith to God. Please intercede to us as I love him so much…

    Thank you very much.

  8. I prayed St jude for his prayers to intercede for me and my husband. I prayed so my husband could pass his exams and be able to start working to support the family. Yesterday he got his results and he passed his exams!! The first thing in my mind was to thank God and St jude for his help! Thank you and keep praying for us and for people who need your help! God is great!

  9. St. Jude please help me in current situation. Please ask God to come into my boyfriends life. Ask God to guide him in the right direction. Ask God to take away his demons, his addictions and temptations. Ask God to fill his heart with love for me and to keep me in the front of his mind at all times. Ask God to talk to him, to let him know he is there for him and is a forgiving God. Please St. Jude pray for him, pray for us. Turn out situation around. No problem is too big for God to handle. I will be forever grateful to you and our God.

  10. Dear St. Jude. Thank u so much for hearing my prayer last night. Our app. for my sister went well. Please help my mother in keeping up her strength and courage for all the changes we are trying to make at this time. I pray that with you help my sister may finally start to listen and let the professionals lead her to a better more suitable life where she can feel she has purpose. PLEASE do not let her take her own life. I beg of you and Jesus and all the angels and saints to come to her aid. I believe all things possible with my prayers and yours. Amen
    Together let us pray.

  11. Dear St. Jude,

    Please hear my plea and intercede on my behalf. Please give me strength that I may deal with my issues and stay strong while I am going through these tribulations. Please Pray for me to the the Lord our God. Thank you, St. Jude.

  12. St. Jude, please, I implore your assistance in my great financial need. I am backed against a wall. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried fixing things only to mess them up. Please. I am at the end of my rope. I need your help. Amen.

  13. Thank You Saint Jude…I feel the peace I have been praying for.Thanks for your intercession to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for everything.I will pray with out ceasing knowing that Gods timing is perfect & when the time is right,it will all fall into place…thank you!

  14. St. Jude- I come to you in hopes you will intercede on my behalf. I ask that you pray to God and request he help my current relationship. Please ask him to make my relationship a miracle. Ask him to take away the demons my BF suffers from. Ask God to take any challenges he may face. Ask him to guide my boyfriend in the right direction. St. Jude lead my BF to our Father. Ask God to fill his heart with love for me and to respect me. I know no problem is too big for our God. I have faith things will get better and better. I will be forever grateful of these favors. Thank you St. Jude and please pray, pray, and pray some more for us.

  15. Dear St. Jude,
    please intercede for me at this time as my family is going through this major crisis. Please help us in our appointment with the hospital staff that is helping my sister. Please rid her of any addiction and mental illness. Please let us find good people to help her and we pray that she may find the right housing for long term as my parents are getting older and cannot take of her and they are experiencing such anxiety at this broken time. Please i beg this of you and will leave it in your hands. Amen
    Thank you St. Jude

  16. St. Jude- please intercede on my behalf. Please ask God to help me with my current relationship. I know no problem is too big for him and I need help from you. Please ask God to give my boyfriend the strength to stay focused and do what is right. Ask God to give him the wisdom to respect me. Ask God to take away his demons and temptations. Ask God to talk to him, to let him know he is here for him. Ask guide to guide my BF to him and seek for his mercy. Pray that God takes away his hurt and anger. Please ask God to fill his heart with much love for me and to keep me in the front of his mind at all times. Please St. Jude beg God for me. Help me. I know God can turn any situation around. I know every miracles started as a problem. Please St. Jude… You are the worker of miracles. I will be forever grateful for this favor. St. Jude pray for us. Thank you.

  17. I prayed the novena to St. Jude and my prayers were answered. I was going through legal separation with my ex-husband and I prayed for specific outcomes and they all were answered. Thank you St. Jude from me and my daughter.

  18. Dear St Jude,

    Please intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ to grant me a gift of a child and success in my treatment I am undergoing .

    Heal my brother suffering from Fits from the age of 2 yrs and is now 33 years old.

    St. Jude, please intercede for us .

    Thankyou Jesus, praise you Jesus

  19. St. Jude, please intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ for my Mother Nicoletta to be healed. My mother had a knee replacement several months ago and even after rehab has still not recovered, she still struggles to walk. She is a loving mother St. Jude, please intercede and have her knee healed.
    Thank you St. Jude for interceding and thank you Lord for the many blessings.


  20. Prayer for my father ;Andrew Quayson to break addiction of alcohol and to surrender his to Christ totally and also the same prayers for my brother(Emmanuel Adjatey Adje)i at Spain who is also jobless.
    Finally deliverance for my entire family

  21. St. Jude, please intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ for my grandson to be healed. He has migraines and is now having twitches. Please direct the doctors with their testing and please heal this wonderful young boy.

    Thank you St. Jude for interceding and thank you Lord for the many blessings.

  22. St.Jude I come to you to ask your close friend to cover me and the family with your precious blood from head to toe,Give us good health and long life.Help my husband get work transfer here in Mbeya,touch his bosses and let them give him chance to work here in Mbeya so that he can be close to his family,Bless our marriage Jesus and let our love grow each and every day.Bless my children,bless the child in the womb and give us good health and safe delivery,remove any complication from me Jesus.Fill me with the holy spirit and let me be a good driver,rescue me from accident and be my driver and director while driving,rescue the whole family and relative from accidents.Luv u Jesus,Glory to you Jesus,Thank st Jude,pray for me st Jude.

  23. please,St Jude look,after,me get rid of my hyperacusis mad tinnitus and this tremor,in my right arm I cannot,enjoy,my life please look after chris with his illness and make him feel better thank u St Jude we have suffered enough

  24. St. Jude,
    Pray for me that I pass my State Boards Exam to become a Registered Nurse in the next couple of
    Days. This will allow me to work & help my family. Intercede St.Jude as you are my patron in the most desperate cases. Amen.

  25. St Jude,
    I pray that you guide me and help me find a way out of my financial situation. I will forever honor you.

  26. Dear community of prayer, please pray for me to St Jude, I mismanaged my finances, now I must pay 250k before Tue 21st March. pray that God will show me mercy and favour through the intercession of St Jude.

  27. St Jude, please intercede on my behalf! I am feeling a little lost, confused, afraid, and alone as I discern my future. I pray for the strength and confidence to see and do God’s will.

  28. Dear st StJude
    Thank you for continuing in hearing my prayers. I’m getting work and hope it continues and looking after family members. I continue to pray for PG whom we love very much look after her ,let her b strong and hope her treatment continues to help her. Thank you St Jude I keep you in my thoughts everyday.

  29. Dear St . Jude.
    Please intercede in the aid of my dear sister. She suffers from severe mental illness and is speaking about taking her life. She has lead a very sad life. Please help stop the suffering that she endures on a daily basis. We her family live her and can’t stand it anymore. It hurts all of us. Please help them in finding her a good and clean home. One she can feel safe and where they can make sure she takes all her meds like she should. Please don’t let her take her own life. I beg u to hear my prayer. All this as Gods will. Amen

  30. Thank u so much saint jude for helping me in my needs. My prayers were granted by.God.. Im so happy for the gud news. U never failed to grant my requests. Thank u saint jude

  31. Thank you St. Jude for interceding on my behalf and on the behalf of my loved ones.
    I have been praying for some specific needs for my mom, my friend and also myself. So far, three of those requests have been granted; and i am confident that the others will be granted according to the will of God!!! Thank you Jesus and thank you St. Jude!!!” I will always encourage devotion to you!!

    • wow, this is very encouraging. i started asking st jude to pray for me and my family to get us out of a difficult situation specially financial. your testimony give me hope, thanks

  32. St Jude help me. Me a sinner . I need your help I have judge by J.A for my case unfair. Please ask my lord Jesus Christ to intervene my father and my lord to judge it for me my father in heaven grant me my requesf and answer my prayer amen. Lord remove all the imprisonment , court order lord help me Amen. Please lord all my hope is in you amen.

    St Jude I pray for what has said by J.A to be burnt by the holy spirit Amen.

  33. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers in this time of need. I promise thee, O blessed St. Jude to be ever mindful of this great favor and to always honor thee as my special patron and to gratefully encourage devotion to thee.

  34. Please St. Jude intercede for my young grandson, that the doctors will quickly find the source of his health problems and healing for his migraine headaches.

    Thank you St. Jude for you help and thank you Lord for your many blessing.

  35. St Jude please beg god to intercede for me I’m a mother with 3 young children and I’m desperate for help please st Jude as ask god to fill my heart and mind with thoughts of peace and love and to fill me with the Holy Spirit help me to change my life and be a good person I will pray to you saint Jude everyday if my life amen

  36. St. Jude, please intercede for me that I may gain back the health I used to have. That whatever I have now will pass, and I continue to live my life for the Glory of Christ Jesus.

  37. St. Jude, please intercede for my young grandson. He has migraines and is now having other problems. Please intercede for my grandson’s healing.

  38. Dear st Jude, through your intercession many people confess success upon their request that the good Lord grants unto them. various testimonies manifest your power intrinsic in your intercession to our our lord. Am not different from any believer who confines in your intercession. humbly before you, i request that through your intercessions and prayers that the Good lord grants a special favour on my special intentions; 1.that my applications for various posts at the US Embassy be consindered again in a short period and be invited for interviews and be granted abetter paying job at US EMBASSY 2. that a special favour be granted on my wife’s business to prosper and get more customers,3. that my brother steve,Daddy and my daughter matinah gets well4. my brother Dennis be granted a place to join the university in the faculty of medicine5. my sister Eva gives a normal labour delivery 6and pray for a special favour upon our house for the peace and protection we need.
    I stand firm that through the intercession of st jude, that the GOOD lord Has already bestowed a special favour unto us and our prayers have been answered. count me among those many people who you have intercessed for and their intercessions have been granted that i will stand to testify the lords wonders through you.
    I ask this through christ our lord .Amen

  39. St. Jude- worker of miracles and hopelessness- please hear my prayers. Please pray to God and ask him to touch my BF. Ask him to fill his heart with love. Ask him to keep me in his heart and mind at all times. Ask God to show my BF the right path. Ask God to talk to him. Let him know he is there regardless of the past. Ask God to take away temptations and any pain/anger. I have faith you will come through for me. I will be forever grateful. Pray for us St. Jude. Thank you.

  40. St. Jude, please intercede for my petition. I pray to God that He enlighten my boyfriend and guide him in making decisions. May he finds the desire to introduce me to his friends and colleagues. May you give him comfort and courage to take that leap of faith about our plans to get married this year, while my dad is still alive. May we overcome all the trials that are causing our worries and hurts. Please pray for me and pray with me. Thank you St. Jude.

  41. Praying for safe travel home for my son. Please St. Jude he needs to find a job once he returns. Thanks for all your help in keeping him safe out in Oklahoma.

  42. St. Jude- I come to you and ask you to intercede on my behalf.

    My son is taking firefighters exams to follow in in his grandfather’s, uncle’s and father’s footsteps. He is a good man and would be a wonderful firefighter as he believes in serving others. Blessed St. Jude I pray that my son answers all his tests well and achieves high enough scores to make the list in all exams. Please intercede for my son, Holy Saint. I trust in your miraculous intercession. Amen.

  43. Please pray for Sicat children who are being sent away from their own home their father built for them. Please pray also that all Sicat children will have the strength to bear all the trials & oppression they are experiencing right now just because they are illegitimate children. May they all find a peaceful home to stay & they can call their own. May they find work to support their daily lives. May they stay good & God-fearing inspite of all the oppression that is being done to them.

  44. IMPORTANT/URGENT – Please pray for the plight of the family of Thomas, in Switzerland (Europe). He has just married. A dishonest property developer took the money that would be used to build the house of this new, young family. The savings of a lifetime, the result of countless sacrifices. This criminal has spent all the money and did not build the house. He is now in prison. However, the poor Thomas has no money and no home. Through Jesus and St. Jude, God must help Thomas urgently. May God forgive the sins of the poor Thomas and help him overcome this huge problem. Thank you very much!

  45. St. Jude- I come to you and ask you to intercede on my behalf. Please pray to God and ask him to guide my BF in the right direction. Ask him to talk to him, to tell him he is there for him regardless of his past. Ask him to take away any pain and anger. Ask him to take away temptations. Ask God to fill his heart with love. Please ask God to go to him. God can change any situation. Please St. Jude ask him for this favor. Please pray for us St. Jude. I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

  46. St Jude,
    I come before you in hopes that you intercede on my behalf and help my situation. Please help me resolve my financial burdens and clear my debts. I really need a miracle. Thank you for all you have done for me in the past. I will forever honor you.

  47. Thank you so much St. Jude Thaddeus for helping me pass my Qatar Prometric Examination and Saudi Council for Health Examination, you are so good… I ask you another favor that I pass my data flow examination in Qatar so that I can get my license to serve the sick….

  48. I pray that God should give me a job of my qualification and that the one I have been interviewed for in WASHINGTON DC let the result come out and be favorable to me. That I should do the job very well and honor all what I have promise my Lord that I will do. That my family be more united and the spirit of the Lord should reign in my house, let love , happiness, joy, respect and self worth be in my family. St. Jude pray for me in the presence of God and intercede for me. My Heavenly Father improve my finances. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  49. dear Saint Jude pray for me an unworthy sinner for I am desperate and have nowhere to turn but God. To say I have gravely sinned against god is an understatement I am so ashamed of my past behaviour when I should have known better. God has been good to me and I have repaid him with scorn I do not deserve his mercy but for my sons sake I come to ask you to intercede for me I hide behind you in shame unworthy to show my face I ask you to take my prayer to God for he will not refuse you even for the unworthy

  50. Dear Saint Jude, Saint of lost causes, please brother pray for my marriage which is almost a lost cause as my husbands addiction to extra-marital affairs and addiction to marijuana is destroying our marriage. Intercede on our behalf that he may be saved and experience deep conversion within him and return back to his wife who he made so many promises of faithfulness. St Jude pray for love and unity to come back to our marraige.

  51. I pray for my husband request of being transfered here in Mbeya be considered so that we can live as a family,blessing for my marriage and nothing to interfere,Protection for the family and children,Health pregnancy and safe delivery,I ask the whole family to be covered with the blood of Jesus ,Bless my house maids and let them stay with my children safe and without any harm.Let me stay with them long.I also pray for my request of money of pension fund be considered,and let me get the money easily in Jesus name I pray Amen.
    St.Jude pray for me,

  52. My son is answering his 12th boards. Blessed St. Jude I pray that my son answers all his exams very nicely and achieve above 90% in his board result. please intercede for my son , Holy Saint. I trust in your miraculous intercession. Amen.

  53. Dear St Jude,

    My Friend goes into surgery for cancer this week. I pray for healing and journey mercies. In faith I believe in your intercession on his behalf

  54. Dear St. Jude ,
    The st. of most hopeless cases. My father has died yesterday after a long time illness .Please pray for him that my loving father’s soul may find peace in heaven.May Almighty god take care of him.amen

  55. Thank you St. Jude for interceding for me. God answered my prayers for a successful surgery for myself and my husband’s uncle. Praying for healing from skin cancer. Please help me to keep my faith!

  56. St. Jude…I come to you to ask for you to intercede with what I feel is a hopeless cause. I am praying for my niece who has followed the road to drugs, stealing, etc. She has turned her back on all of those who loves her and has tried many times to help her get her life back on track. Please give her the guidance to rid herself of these demons and to come back to God and to those who love her so very much. I’m afraid it won’t be much longer before these drugs will end her earthly life. Please give her family strength and peace during this most difficult time. They have been through so much. God’s will be done, Amen.

  57. Dear St. Jude,

    Please help me pray for the success of my US Tourist visa application on March 23, 2015. I pray that the consul will render his decision unto my favour. I pray that the interview will go smoothly and I will be given a visa. I hope as well to travel in US on the first week of April to start my internship.


  58. Holy St. Jude, you know what situation we are in. We are so uncertain about our future and all depends on the outcome of the job of which we are awaiting results. Please interced for you. You are powerful and yours words will not be unanswered. Please help because this is our only hope now.

  59. Thank you Dear St Jude. I have been praying your Novena and twice you have interceded and have shown me that miracles happen when we truly believe and our hearts are open. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to my son. I was despondent and worried, you walked beside me and helped me through it. AMEN!

  60. St. JUDE, please help our marriage to heal so my wife and I may have a healthy, caring and honest relationship moving forward. I love and care for her dearly. I know she’s suffering from her childhood wounds. Please help her heart and soul to heal.

  61. Thank you St Jude For interceding in my problem at work please continue to pray for me and watch over me. THANK YOU

  62. Dear st jude, thank you for answering my prayer. I am expecting prince to call me today. Thank You Jesus foryour faithfulness

  63. Dear St. Jude,

    Please pray for me, to pass my NCLEX-RN exam, I need your miraculous help.. I am patiently waiting for the result. St Jude hear our prayers… helper of the hopeless please pray for us..

    Thank you..

  64. O blesses St. Jude I humbly pray to you to intercede for me in this personal need n the trial that I am currently going through. may things turn out the way I want them to, with your divine help. Amen.

  65. Thankyou st jude for answering my prayers so far. You are more than just my special and powerful patron, you are like my brother. St jude can answer your prayers if you have faith. Thankyou for answering and interceding on my behalf st jude. Please help me with the problem that still torments me and to train hard and study hard and pass gods tests. Thankyou for everything, i dont know where i would be without you.

  66. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, love and preserved through out the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude worker of miracle pray for us. St. Jude helper of the hopeless pray for us.

    Thank you St. Jude.



  68. Dear St Jude patron saint of hopeless cases… Please pray for me that what I think is lost or stolen is found…. This torment is killing me and I am suffering…. I know that you have done the impossible to a cousin who was so so ill and was given months to live… That is some 30 odd years ago and he is still alive…. Keep your prayers going for me…. Thanking you!!!!

  69. I just completed a nine day novena to St. Jude and recited the Prayer of the Shoulder Wound of Christ. I trustingly put my fate in the hands of Our Lord and trust Him to answer my sincere prayers and the intercessions of St. Jude and Our Blessed Mother. Amen.

  70. Dear St. Jude,
    please intercede for me So as I get a job to enable me provide for my son, so as he may live a decent life.

  71. I would like to request the holy apostle St. Jude and all faithfuls to intercede for me in some personal trials I am currently going through involving some legal issues, my career, relationships and future prospects.
    I especially pray for victory in the legal issue and that everything that has been taken from me will be reinstated in Jesus’ name. Amen!
    Thank you all.

  72. Dear Saint Jude, D-day is tomorrow at 3pm, I trust you for hearing my “silent” prayers and interceding them. Amen

  73. St. Jude through your powerful intercession, I want to thank you for the answered prayers. I now pray for my daughter Kayla to pass the NAT exams tomorrow and to get high grades in this final quarter exams. Praying for her to graduate with honors this March 28.. Praying for my team’s icebreaker sale this week. Please guide me and my team as we go about reaching our sales quotas. Praying to become the top team this month. Praying for me and my family’s good health, long life, success and keep us always safe from harm. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

  74. thank you St. Jude for hearing my prayers. and interceding. you are truly a worker of miracles. Thank you St. Jude. please continue to hear our prayers.

  75. Dear Saint Jude ,
    With the help from you , I hope the company that I’m applying for a job will hire me. I really need an income. Thank you.

  76. Thank you St Jude for Answered Prayers..Oh Dear Mother of God, Our lady of Conception Aparecida. Oh! St Rita of Cassia and St Jude worker of miracles and helper of Impossible causes pray for me.St Expedite, St of Urgent cases. St Edwiges saint of the needy, You know how desperate I feel.Please ask Jesus to help me.[mention your request] May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be glorified forever.pray 1 our father 1 hail Mary 1 glory be to the father, the son and the holy spirit.As it was in the beginning is now an ever shall be, world without end AMEN

  77. Dear St. Jude
    St. Jude worker of miracles, intercede for me to our Heavenly Father for the lenience of the markers of my examination papers. I am praying through you St. Jude for a passing mark on my exams which I wrote on 23 to 27th February 2015. Please St. Jude intercede for me to pass these examinations.