Christmas Novena

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Prayers to be used during the Novena of Christmas, or at any other time. Please join us in praying this novena as a preparation for the coming of our Lord on Christmas!

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Christmas Novena

Join thousands of faithful people in praying the Christmas Novena for an end to abortion!

Christmas Novena Prayers

Opening Prayer

O Lord, Word of God, You, whose glory is complete, came to us in perfect humility as a child in the womb. Your love for us and humility is unsurpassed and brings us to our knees in prayer and worship.

Your incarnation forever changed the world.

All Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be, world without end.


Day 1 – Joy

O Lord, infant Jesus, fill us with Joy! The birth of any child is a cause for joy and so much more is the birth of You our Savior. We pray in union with Mary, Your mother, for a greater joy this Christmas.

Day 2 – Humility

O Lord, infant Jesus, grant us great humility! You gave us the model of perfect humility in your incarnation, life and death. We pray for a greater Humility this Christmas.

Day 3 – Faith

O Lord, infant Jesus, give us the gift of Faith! You, Lord, deserve our complete faith. We pray for deeper and more perfect faith in you this Christmas.

Day 4 – Hope

O Lord, infant Jesus, bring us the Hope that saves! Your birth to the Virgin Mary brought a Hope to the world that continues to sustain us. We pray for a saving Hope this Christmas.

Day 5 – Love

O Lord, infant Jesus, inspire in us Your selfless love! You humbled yourself to become like us in all things but sin, and even humbled yourself to die on a cross. We pray that you will help us to love as You love this Christmas.

Day 6 – Peace

O Lord, infant Jesus, give us Your peace! You are the Prince of Peace and the ultimate fulfillment of your incarnation brings us to you in heaven where peace will come to perfection. We pray for peace this Christmas.

Day 7 – Forgiveness

O Lord, infant Jesus, move us to forgive others as you forgive us! Your Divine Mercy is unending! We pray for Your Divine Mercy on us and that we may participate in Your mercy by forgiving others this Christmas.

Day 8 – Holiness

O Lord, infant Jesus, inspire us to be repulsed by sin! You, Lord, are holy but we are not. We pray that you will make us holy and keep us from temptation this Christmas.

Day 9 – Life Eternal

O Lord, infant Jesus, bring us to live eternal with You! Jesus, your nativity was not without purpose. Your purpose was to bring us to You. We pray that you will bring us to Life Eternal with you this Christmas.

Closing Prayers

We pray also for these intentions… (State your intentions here)

May Your Holy Will be done in my life and with these intentions.

We pray that the work of salvation that Your first coming began will reach fulfillment in each of us.

All Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be, world without end.


Christmas Novena Version 2

Opening Prayer:

V. O God, come to my assistance.
R. O Lord, make haste to help me.
Glory be to the Father…

Our Father…


Day 1

The Incarnation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who descended from
the bosom of the eternal Father into the womb of the
Virgin Mary, where, conceived by the Holy Ghost, you
took upon yourself, O Incarnate Word, the form of a
servant for our salvation. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

Day 2

The Visitation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who by means of your
Virgin Mother, visited St. Elizabeth, and filled your
servant, St. John the Baptist, with the Holy Spirit,
sanctifying him from his mother’s womb.
Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord.  Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 3

The Expectation of Birth.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who waited for nine months
enclosed in the womb, and inflamed the heart of the
Virgin Mary and St. Joseph with the most powerful love
and expectation, all for the salvation of the world. Have
mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, 0 Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 4

The Holy Nativity.

O most sweet infant Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary in
Bethlehem, wrapped in poor swaddling clothes, laid
in the manger, glorified by angels, and visited by
shepherds. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

O Jesus born of Virgin bright,
Immortal glory be to thee;
Praise to the Father infinite,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

Christ is at hand. O come, let us worship him.

Our Father…


Day 5

The Circumcision.

O most sweet infant Jesus, circumcised when
eight days old, and called by the glorious name
of Jesus, and proclaimed both by your name and
by your blood, to be the Savior of the world.
Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 6

The Adoration of the Kings.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who was made known
to the three kings, who worshipped you as you lie on
Mary’s breast, and offered you the mystical presents
of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, 0 Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 7

The Presentation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, presented in the temple
by the Virgin Mary, embraced by Simeon, and revealed
to the Jews by Anna the prophetess. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 8

The Flight into Egypt.

O most sweet infant Jesus, whom Herod tried to slay,
carried by St. Joseph with your Mother into Egypt, saved
from death by flight, and glorified by the blood of the
holy innocents. Have mercy on. us.

Have mercy on us. O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

O Jesu! born of Virgin bright,
Immortal glory be to thee
Praise to the Father infinite,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

Christ is at hand. 0 come, let us worship him.

Our Father…


Day 9

The Journey in Egypt.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who dwelled as an exile
in Egypt for seven years, where spoke your first words,
and, first begin to walk upon this earth. Have mercy upon us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…




0 almighty and everliving God, Lord of heaven and earth,
who revealed yourself to little ones, grant, we beg you,
that while we celebrate and honor the most holy mysteries
of your Son, the infant Jesus, and strive to imitate them,
we may arrive at that heavenly kingdom which you have
promised to little children, through the same
Jesus Christ our Lord.


You can pray this novena for any reason, but we pray it to end abortion.

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This pro-life novena is especially important to me because of my pro-life work with Students for Life.

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  1. Dear Lord Infant Jesus,
    Thank you for everything. Please have mercy on my daughter GVGR. Please heal her seizure disorder, please heal all the causes and triggers of her seizure, please help her outgrow her seizure disorder, please cure and heal her other abnormalities, please help her return to her normal ways and activities, and please help her land a job in accordance with your holy will.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Pray for Gary who is troubled, for Greg who has dementia, for Jeremy who is depressed. Pray for Nina who is pregnant with no husband. Thank you Lord that J is back in school. Thank you for my blessings.

  3. Our Heavenly Father – praying for forgiveness of sins and wisdom in living our lives righteously. Please reconcile our families, communities, & nations of the world and bring us Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men. Amen.

  4. Lord Jesus forgive us all our sins and forgive those who were involved in abotions or are still involved.
    Heal my son from drug and alcohol addiction and gambling you alone can heal him have mercy on him Lord.
    Give us the gift of humility love and to be united as a family.
    Inspire my child with your wisdom and understanding.
    Lord thank you for protecting my family .

  5. That I follow God’s will in all my life. Right now I need to support myself with a job. I need to find a good job that sustains me for a long time.

  6. Lord, I pray that Clauis heals quickly and that Marcia receives the grace to have the strength, courage and wisdom to support him through their ordeal. That Jim and Donna also heal quickly from their health issues. Amen.

  7. Dear Jesus, I thank you for all of the gifts that you have blessed me with. Please forgive me for offending you.
    Please help the A. family who lost their son. Please help them find peace.

  8. Thank you lord for the many blessing in my life. I pray for the intentions of my family and friends and for safe travels as I head to BG. Amen

  9. Dear Jesus,

    Please heal steve and his college girlfriend from 36 years ago of the abortions. Please open and change their hearts to repent, confess, forgive and return to you wholeheartedly this Christmas. Please inspire wisdom & revelation. Please reveal to them seperatly or together this root of their alcoholism & addiction. Help me to pray for them, him etc. please protect me from all evil and temptation this Christmas. Please protect us all for a peaceful Christmas around the world– peace on earth and good will .
    Thank you in advance Jesus of all you have given us and all you are doing and about to do in our lives to bring us closer to you & heaven. Help me to know, want & do your most holy will. I’m somewhat sad Lord about family dynamics and ask in a special way that my gift to my family & friends be this novena and prayers for them/all Catholics/christians to be touched in a very special way that deepens & enlivens our faith to live more fully in the present & share, chose love help me to make a good confession today.

    Amen Lisa

  10. For my Dad in heaven on his birthday…
    For my Mom in heaven..
    For a better, kinder world.
    For an end to abortion.
    For my daughter to find a job and to do God’s will and become self supporting.
    For my son to find a good Christian woman to love and have a family with.
    For all my family to have peace, happiness and health.

  11. total Healing Believe trust 102 Jesus for ALL not food stop all Vice of lusting for food Obsession addiction glutteny let go co dependency Believe last 2 daays Live simple show Jesus thru actions shut my mouth believe trust thank you

  12. I give thanks with all of my heart for the miracle of my daughter and her children coming home! Thank you Jesus and Our Lady and St Joseph!

  13. Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
    Please hear and grant my prayers for unity, peace and love within my family and for the settlement of my honest debts and obligation as soo as possible. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ .

  14. In the name of Jesus, please allow positive resolution of legal proceedings, allow dental license to remain in tact, please allow money to come for my family.

  15. Dear Lord and Saviour
    I pray for Susan to receive swift and complete healing from Cancer if it be your Will. Let her surgery be successful and her treatments be effective and with no adverse effects on her health. Be with her family especially her husband and young children as she goes through this ordeal.Amen

  16. Thank you Lord my sister Normie is okey and can accept the reality of her husband situation. I pray that its God ‘S will if my brother in law Meynardo can recover from his illness. Please guide them and pray that the financial problem will be solved. AMEN

  17. Thank you Lord my family is complete again and reconciliation of my son jomar and daddy been done. Pray for jomar safe trip going to Phil and coming back here. Pray that the family of my sister whose husband is in critical condition to be strong and guide them. Amen

  18. Jesus please pray for me in all my foolish decisions in life and not going into debts because of my stupidity please forgive me for not being able to ensure my spending money for unwanted things in life please help me in paying off all my debts and also looking and caring for my son’s future

  19. i pray dear Jesus that my brother will get better, if that not be your will that you would take him and prevent his family from ending his life. i pray that when i see him it will help him to want to live. that he would accept Holy Unction. please God help. soften hardened hearts Lord

  20. Please pray for my family. I pray for a miracle in our finances. I pray my husband receives a promotion and raise to assist us in paying bills especially prop taxes. I pray for him to surrender himself completely to God and choose to love me our marriage our family our faith. I pray he goes to confession and pray the rosary with our family. I pray for my daughter, may she have confidence in her abilities and always choose to follow Jesus. I pray for my children and their future spouses. May they be Holy and loving practicing their catholic faith. Amen.

  21. Am praying for a financial blessing because I am currently leaving in a room with my daughter and two grandchildren. We are in need of a two bedroom apartment please pray on my behalf for a break through

  22. For my parents, for love to be present in their hearts for one another. For peace, the forgiveness of sins, for knowledge of the truth, to see clearly, to hear, to love, and grow in the love in God, and neighbor. That I might get my own work done, and be a help to both my parents in their old age. For great joy in bringing new life into the world, trust in God, and an end to abortion.

  23. I have just learned my cousin, Margaret, is very sick in the hospital with an auto-immune disease. Please, dear Jesus, heal her so that she can come home and continue to help her husband who depends on her since his stroke. Margaret is both a rock and a delight to her family, Lord, and we ask you please make her well again. Give us all the patience we need, especially as we await the coming of Jesus in the manger!

  24. I pray that I will believed that I have received forgiveness for having an abortion. Pray that I will never commit such a sin again. Forgive me and help me to be open to God’s will. Heal my body, mind and soul. Bless me with holy marriage and fruits of my womb who I will offer up to God. Get rid of my depression, low self-esteem and help me to stop pursuing men to feel loved. Help me to bask in God’s love. Help TJ and LW. U know CW and how hurt I am. Help Ms Dawn’s son in his schoolwork, also Keoshia and Sherma in their exams. Help me to complete my training before January.Amen,

  25. Baby Jesus I ask for mercy for my sins of the past.Tearfully I pray for abortionists.Thank you as your coming has already brought peace between my kids and I.

  26. Lord Jesus,
    You know my desires and the desires of my family. Help us through this day. Give us strength to do everything right this Christmas! Take care of A., G., and C. Help them have wisdom, self regulation, compassion and love to allow us all to have a peaceful time together this Christmas. I hope G forgives his mother for whatever he feels is her fault and that he allows himself to get healthy. I hope C takes care of herself and acknowledges what she needs to do to have better relationships moving forward. I hope A commits fully to his rehab program and allows himself to recover. I ask this in Jesus’ name. St. Teresa of Calcutta please intercede as well. Thank you.

  27. Thank you Jesus Christ, for by your death we have been saved, Mother Mary Most Holy I kneel before you asking for your intercession, I have on the 7th of July 2017 wrote an interview and I have been informed that I have passed the interview but there are no posts available that I can be promoted to and from now until the 13th of March 2018 if posts become available I will be promoted, my Mother Mary Most Holy it has never been heard that those who come in prayer before you have were turned down, I come before you with faith that you will intercede for me and my prayer intentions would be answered, if it is the will of God that I be promoted let it be to me that I be promoted, I ask for this through you, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen

  28. Praying for intentions within. Praying for mom, giving praise to God for all who surround her with love and tender care in her aging. I am humbled at the role I have in her care and pray I carry out my duties with prudence, love and integrity.

  29. Please pray for God’s Will to be done, the intentions that I had close to my heart, and for all children of God. Jesus, I trust in You!

  30. Lord I pray for all those suffering the effects of an abortion. Release the guilt from their hearts and comfort them in your name.

  31. Please join me in thanking God for all his blessings.
    And also pray with me for God to bless my spouse with the strength to keep pushing forward and for God to bless all the works of his hands and reward him with success and victory,for God to bless me with a good job, and for his continuous guidance and protection in all our endeavors . Amen

  32. Heavenly Father,

    I pray today for my son that he will stop doing the wrong things. Guide him so that he can make the changes for the good in his life. Guide me to know how to help him to be a better person.


  33. Holy mother of Jesus …please intercede on my behalf to your Son…so I will have a financial breakthrough… that I will be able to pay my mortgage… buy medicine and pay my bills…so that Tamika will be able to buy a home regardless of her credit… That Richard will get a skill so he can get a job to help Tamika with the bills…that Ryan my son will go back to college and get a degree do he will get a better job…do he and his wife will have a peaceful married life…so that Ryan will stop smoking weed….Amen

  34. The infant Jesus City I’m asking healing from this skin disease protect me that this does not cause cancer in Jesus name I pray.

  35. Gd morning to all may the peace of our Lord be with us all and may the prayers of all be answered according to God’s will and may we accept the changes that we need to do on our life’s to help other’s see Christ in us and on Christmas day may all the sick receive healing may all the hungry have a meal and all the people that are in prison find a true reptence and all who carry a heavy burden be freed from all their burdens and may we all find love in our Lord Jesus Christ blessings to you all

  36. Father thank you so much for another wonderful day.I am thanking you for providing for me to be able to pay my rent this month and to catch up with some bills and not allowing me and my kids to go empty handed this Christmas season.Faithful ever living GOD my Father I adore worship glorify and magnify your holy name.Father bless my parents brothers and sisters and their families this season grant all of us journey mercies, excellent health favour Love peace unity grace Long and prosperous life in Jesus precious mighty name Amen and Amen.Father thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for me my kids and family in Jesus name Amen and Amen.

  37. Anna is the hospital in California for a very serious lung infection and newly dx. autoimmune disease, she is 14, and needs all the prayers we can give her. On a ventilator and put in a coma ,so she cankeep calm. Please Lord above with all your Mercy and Love . Give Our Anna the strength and Please heal here of this affliction. In your will. Amen

  38. My Lord please intercede and pray that God will transform my husband JP completely and he will know Christ. Please pray that he will apologize to my family and come back home soon. P;lease pray for the restoration and reconciliation of my marriage that God will touch my husband and let him learn to forgive. Please pray for my Daughter ST that she will leave the church she is attending the Gathering of Christ as they do not believe in the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, they do not believe in Christmas or other Christian holidays. Please pray that she will a Christ like husband who does not belong to that religion and get married soon. Please pray for my brother OB to find a employment soon before the new year. Please pray for my health.

  39. My Lord,Jesus! Am still requesting you to provide me with employment and to recover from this chronic illness that has troubled me for ages now. Amen.

  40. O Holy Lord, I pray that my prayers for my father will be answered and whatever life he has left will be peaceful. I pray for Haley Black who is suffering from cancer. I pray that peace happiness and tranquility will be restored to our house and lives. I pray for for an end to abortion and that the bill will not be passed in Ireland. I pray for all those praying this novena also. Thank you Lord. AMEN.

  41. Lord bless all they members of Hjamm and bless brother uwakwe his family, his wife family, job, ministry and empower, anointing ,strength and guide in Jesus name.

  42. Dear Lord I pray that you help me to understand my relationship, don’t know if I’m rushing into anything. Help me Lord, guide on the right path. Amen.

  43. Thank you God the Father and Trinity and theholy spiritforthe greatlove for humanityAmen.Ypu still want to save us from our sins
    Thanky o yholy family
    Bless Ad and school.and classes withliveunity and peace
    Bless all reach teacher
    Bless Manuela and go e her love for church h and sacraments
    For marriage with a good loving Canadian. Hristians husband for Joan sinof.abortion

  44. God’s i ask you for your help for my family and friends how did not know what you are blessed my 4 son’s doing the Christmas time. Thank you God give me more pawar for praying every day.

  45. Lord our father I thank you for your blessing n guidance. Forgive me my sin I have n give me a new life during this time of Christmas n have mercy to all your children amen.

  46. Lord Jesus,
    You know my desires and the desires of my family. Help us through this day. Give me strength to do everything right this Christmas! Take care of my daughter.Help me get form one admission letter for my daughter,bring back my relationship with james.Pray for completion of my project.

  47. Please pray for healing of internal heat and pains all over my body. Pray also for Ebele Chizea my daughter for a good husband and American citizen or green card.

    • Please for me and especially for my friend Alfred whoi so bitter and in pain and let god in his heart this Xmas and new year. We had bad communicated between left us not speaking to one either. I loved him as a friend he moved with tell me anything. So I hope one day he will reached out to me once again. I prayed for this happened. Amen

  48. Dear Lord, I pray for my relationship to be blessed with marriage, 23 years without marriage is a long term relationship and it is threatened with so many challenges and infidelity by my partner, and I pray to you that it may be healed and prosperous for the sake of pur future and children. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!!

  49. I pray for all my family please protecting us from evil gives strength and faith. bless my daughter’s family, they’ll soon a patents. I prayer for my husband’s leg it’s swollen and painful . for my brother he have cancer and addiction from alcohol, for my mum and sister and hers family .safe us on ours trip so that everything be okay with flights.
    Thank you

  50. Ml

    Father god I pray for my family and friends this Christmas season that you may keep them safe in your love and care .
    My brothers and sisters keep them strong in there struggles with there kids financial and family problems
    My parents that thay may have long life
    My daughter in her struggles with life give her strength
    I ask that jesus nane amen

  51. For my children to be blessed with close relationship with Jesus Christ; for all my grandchildren to be raised in Catholic faith; for my step-son and his family to go to church and baptize their 3 cchildren; for souls of my 2 brothers and souls of their wives to be accepted into heaven; for my parents & grandparents to be in heaven; for my brother in-law soul to be in heaven; for my ex-husband’s soul to be accepted to heaven; for souls of my grandparents of my both husbands to be in heaven; for my and my husband’s health and closeness to Jesus Christ. Amen.

  52. Dear Lord Jesus,
    My prayers are for the remission of Jims cancer,
    The confort of Joe’s family,
    The confort and healing. Of Wendy,
    The continued healing of my hardened, broken heart,
    These things and all we pray in Jesus name Amen,

  53. Please pray for me a sinner I sin no more pray for me my mother son and husband we all remain healthy safe patient and happy and keep Jesus close to us please give me a good day at my job today and always thank you

  54. May the grace of the Lord be upon me to fight and conquer every negativity in my life and may God keep me alive in the land of the living to proclaim His goodness in Jesus’ name.

  55. heal my mouth and sinuses….heal my ears make them very goodHelp my sons heal for safety on my sons travels please help us Jesus

  56. For our lady to remove these knots in my children’s life
    Kristofer to be able to complete the purchase of his property
    Al to accept his son has a condition and beg God’s mercy for a miraculous recovery
    Rhian- to Find a partner and eventually have a child
    Griffith to acknowledge his disrespect towards his elders and Alexei to concentrate on his studies
    All my children and nephews to return to God
    And a miraculous healing for my grandson
    Not forgetting all the petitions on this forum in Jesus name we pray

  57. I pray for my children that they find the right path in their studies and careers. For myself, I pray for a relationship and if it’s not too much to ask for, I could also use some financial help.

  58. Lord Jesus,
    You know my desires and the desires of my family. Help us through this day. Give me strength to do everything right this Christmas! Take care of my sons and my nephew Jake.

  59. Please pray that God will send his Holy Spirit angels saints graces and miracles to my children for their conversion and reconciliation with James and me real soon and pray that God will give Rebeca and her husband the desire to have a baby and bless them with a healthy baby. I ask this for the sake of James and his family, the least of the brethren of Jesus

  60. I pray for my daughter Sam who is presently in a high risk pregnancy, please pray that she will have a full and healthy pregnancy and a successful delivery. Please help me pray that they will present the baby soon after birth in the Catholic church where they will all learn about true salvation.Also pray for all other parents, Godparents, guardians and difiant children.

  61. I pray for the end of abortion and the respect for all life. Please watch over and protect everyone involved in the pro-life movement.
    I pray for my parents. Please watch over my mom especially.
    I pray that everything works out smoothly for school. I also ask for guidance and help for everything to work out for me to continue my studies.
    I pray for healing and forgiveness. Please help bridge the gap between M and I if he’s meant to be in my life. Please help me accept Your Will and the patience to allow everything to work out.
    I pray for everyone who is unemployed and underemployed to be able to find employment that can meet all of their needs. Please help C get a job.

  62. please Jesus I beg you to hear my daily prayers and answer them in this christmase to have my daughter c b healed completely from her mental illness , intelectual disaibility and obesity please Lord Jesus heal her mind and soul make her like any normal person so she can understand what is the meaning of this life and she makes you no 1 in her life because now she is struggling she doesnt know why is that happening to her please Jesus I am crying and asking you again and again to heal my daughter and destroy any demonic power or any curses in our life make us walking in your path and to be closer to you I thank you so much for many blessings in my life and as a sinner coming close to you from all my heart Dear Jesus I am waiting for big miracle I know it will happen some time soon I keep my hope and faith in Jesus name Amen

  63. Healing for Barry from kidney transplant surgery
    Healing for Bill from leukemia and side effects from medications
    Healing for Doris from chronic pain and hearing loss
    Less dental pain for Debbie
    Holy Catholic husband for Megan
    Job for Matthew
    For a Greg, Ben, Billy to go to Mass again

  64. Thank you , Lord my Heavenly Father -for all the Blessings you have given me & my Loved ones! Thank you for giving us your son Jesus ! We celebrate & rejoice / especially this time of year!!!!! Been praying for keeping my mom healthy- sending her great Love- also for me & Bm get married in a loving , romantic , passionate realationship- be a family w/ our kids -also have a son-(baby) financial taken care of- may my mom feel comfortable/ May I clear all my debts – My nephew recover!!!! Also MOVE!!!! Better for my kids! In Jesus s name ! Amen & amen!!!! Thank you ! I believe in miracles!

  65. Dear Lord,
    Please guide my boys to make wise decisions about girls they date. Help them realize good wholesome hard working girls with family values and outstanding morals. Let them see that only girls who can help them remain close to God and family are the kind of girls they should see. Please guide my boys to be the best Christians they can be and live a life true to God.

  66. Blessed Infant Jesus I humbly ask for you to grant us our Christmas miracle our babies. Grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy open and bless my womb regulate my cycle so we can now conceive and grow our family for your glory and honor. Take away my fears and anxieties for when I am weak I am strong. Despite the struggles we continue to stand firm in faith and rest in your word that our babies will come. Our trial will become a testimony to help others. Prayers warriors please pray with snd for us that God bring us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies. Nothing is impossible for God!! Thank you in advance for the positive report in Jesus name amen

  67. I pray for the forgiveness of all my sins. I pray that God will know how sorry I am, and that He will forgive me and help strengthen me so I will make the right choices and not offend Him or anyone else. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  68. Dear Lord, please pray my family always in good health, peace, unity, love, respect and protect ftom danger. Heal my husband on his gambling addictions. Pray and give miracle of my case for victory. Please help me settle my case. More blessing for financial so that we will pay our debts and to support my family backhome. Pray my son to control on his hot temper . Bless my son, daugther and my husband on their work. Thank you

  69. Dear Jesus,
    I pray:
    *For peace between my husband and me during this Christmas and New Year-
    *For my son Alex Jr, that there will be communication and reconciliation between us-
    *For my daughter Ana, that she will meet a good, Catholic man and leave the man she is living with outside marriage-
    *For my son Thomas, that he will be completely cured of his mental affliction-
    *For me to be given full time employment at the school where I am working-

  70. Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for all your blessings! I continue to pray for good health and financial blessings for everybody in my family. I pray for my elder daughter to heal of her eczema and all the health problems that she has, to have a baby soon and a very successful business. I pray for my younger daughter to be healthy, to have children soon and to succeed in her career. I pray for my nephews to be healthy, to find good jobs and good wives and to have children of their own. I pray for G to heal of his addictions and turn his life for the better. I pray for my sister to be healthy, to keep her job and to have peace and quiet at home. I pray for my husband and me to be healthy, to be blessed with grandchildren from our both daughters, to keep our jobs and to pay off our debts soon. I also pray for Adam and Gabriel to heal from their illnesses and for all praying this novena. Amen.

  71. Dear God, I ask you to pray for my sister Carmela Candia and her husband William Alex Karkada that there marriage will grow longer with respect to each other and build a strong family relationship with faith to our almighty God, by giving them the love, hope, joy, and peace and a happy family.