Christmas Novena

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Prayers to be used during the Novena of Christmas, or at any other time. Please join us in praying this novena as a preparation for the coming of our Lord on Christmas!

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Christmas Novena

Join thousands of faithful people in praying the Christmas Novena for an end to abortion!

Christmas Novena Prayers

Opening Prayer

O Lord, Word of God, You, whose glory is complete, came to us in perfect humility as a child in the womb. Your love for us and humility is unsurpassed and brings us to our knees in prayer and worship.

Your incarnation forever changed the world.

All Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be, world without end.


Day 1 – Joy

O Lord, infant Jesus, fill us with Joy! The birth of any child is a cause for joy and so much more is the birth of You our Savior. We pray in union with Mary, Your mother, for a greater joy this Christmas.

Day 2 – Humility

O Lord, infant Jesus, grant us great humility! You gave us the model of perfect humility in your incarnation, life and death. We pray for a greater Humility this Christmas.

Day 3 – Faith

O Lord, infant Jesus, give us the gift of Faith! You, Lord, deserve our complete faith. We pray for deeper and more perfect faith in you this Christmas.

Day 4 – Hope

O Lord, infant Jesus, bring us the Hope that saves! Your birth to the Virgin Mary brought a Hope to the world that continues to sustain us. We pray for a saving Hope this Christmas.

Day 5 – Love

O Lord, infant Jesus, inspire in us Your selfless love! You humbled yourself to become like us in all things but sin, and even humbled yourself to die on a cross. We pray that you will help us to love as You love this Christmas.

Day 6 – Peace

O Lord, infant Jesus, give us Your peace! You are the Prince of Peace and the ultimate fulfillment of your incarnation brings us to you in heaven where peace will come to perfection. We pray for peace this Christmas.

Day 7 – Forgiveness

O Lord, infant Jesus, move us to forgive others as you forgive us! Your Divine Mercy is unending! We pray for Your Divine Mercy on us and that we may participate in Your mercy by forgiving others this Christmas.

Day 8 – Holiness

O Lord, infant Jesus, inspire us to be repulsed by sin! You, Lord, are holy but we are not. We pray that you will make us holy and keep us from temptation this Christmas.

Day 9 – Life Eternal

O Lord, infant Jesus, bring us to live eternal with You! Jesus, your nativity was not without purpose. Your purpose was to bring us to You. We pray that you will bring us to Life Eternal with you this Christmas.

Closing Prayers

We pray also for these intentions… (State your intentions here)

May Your Holy Will be done in my life and with these intentions.

We pray that the work of salvation that Your first coming began will reach fulfillment in each of us.

All Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be, world without end.


Christmas Novena Version 2

Opening Prayer:

V. O God, come to my assistance.
R. O Lord, make haste to help me.
Glory be to the Father…

Our Father…


Day 1

The Incarnation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who descended from
the bosom of the eternal Father into the womb of the
Virgin Mary, where, conceived by the Holy Ghost, you
took upon yourself, O Incarnate Word, the form of a
servant for our salvation. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

Day 2

The Visitation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who by means of your
Virgin Mother, visited St. Elizabeth, and filled your
servant, St. John the Baptist, with the Holy Spirit,
sanctifying him from his mother’s womb.
Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord.  Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 3

The Expectation of Birth.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who waited for nine months
enclosed in the womb, and inflamed the heart of the
Virgin Mary and St. Joseph with the most powerful love
and expectation, all for the salvation of the world. Have
mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, 0 Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 4

The Holy Nativity.

O most sweet infant Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary in
Bethlehem, wrapped in poor swaddling clothes, laid
in the manger, glorified by angels, and visited by
shepherds. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

O Jesus born of Virgin bright,
Immortal glory be to thee;
Praise to the Father infinite,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

Christ is at hand. O come, let us worship him.

Our Father…


Day 5

The Circumcision.

O most sweet infant Jesus, circumcised when
eight days old, and called by the glorious name
of Jesus, and proclaimed both by your name and
by your blood, to be the Savior of the world.
Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 6

The Adoration of the Kings.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who was made known
to the three kings, who worshipped you as you lie on
Mary’s breast, and offered you the mystical presents
of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, 0 Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 7

The Presentation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, presented in the temple
by the Virgin Mary, embraced by Simeon, and revealed
to the Jews by Anna the prophetess. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 8

The Flight into Egypt.

O most sweet infant Jesus, whom Herod tried to slay,
carried by St. Joseph with your Mother into Egypt, saved
from death by flight, and glorified by the blood of the
holy innocents. Have mercy on. us.

Have mercy on us. O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

O Jesu! born of Virgin bright,
Immortal glory be to thee
Praise to the Father infinite,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

Christ is at hand. 0 come, let us worship him.

Our Father…


Day 9

The Journey in Egypt.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who dwelled as an exile
in Egypt for seven years, where spoke your first words,
and, first begin to walk upon this earth. Have mercy upon us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…




0 almighty and everliving God, Lord of heaven and earth,
who revealed yourself to little ones, grant, we beg you,
that while we celebrate and honor the most holy mysteries
of your Son, the infant Jesus, and strive to imitate them,
we may arrive at that heavenly kingdom which you have
promised to little children, through the same
Jesus Christ our Lord.


You can pray this novena for any reason, but we pray it to end abortion.

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This pro-life novena is especially important to me because of my pro-life work with Students for Life.

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  1. Dear Lord, I pray for your favor to quickly bless me in the pressing matter of my heart right now. I am claiming the victory in that matter and other related issues. Lord, please dismiss others that conspire against me and that has been against me. Amen! ????

  2. I am having breast cancer surgery on January 11. Please pray to St. Agatha that my surgery goes well. Also pray that my lymph nodes are unaffected and that the tissue removed has clean margins.
    Pray for all women dealing with breast cancer.
    Thank you.

  3. I pray for my friends mother who fell ill in the new year to respiratory issues and has been sedated in ICU for a week now. We pray for a speedy recovery and to give strength and positivity to her family and friends
    I pray for a friends 10 year old son who was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and is fighting for his life. The parents have much faith. Pray for the son and for the family.

  4. Dear all . Please pray for my family . We are badly struggling financially. No peace of mind. Dont know how to handle the bad situation. Pray that those people to whom we have to pay the money have some mercy on us and give some time to repay the amount. From bank also we received paper telling to pay the money soon. Only God can help us. Always mind is stressed. My husband is not able to face those people . I hope God will not refuse my prayers. Need your prayer support. God please take care of my family. Amen

  5. I have multiple myeloma stage one bone marrow cancer and am in chemo. I am 1/3 of the way, having completed 8 our of 24. I will be having a stem cell bone marrow transplant later this year.

  6. Please all pray for my dear friend Bill S who is dealing with cancer, complications, and now a bone marrow transplant. Dear Heavenly Father, Mary, Jesus, and all the saints please lift him and wife, child, and family. Amen

    Please pray for another dear friend Laura, who also is dealing with cancer and complications. Please lead her to full health and guide the surgeons hand in this next surgery. Amen

  7. Praise the Lord John Paul and Annie

    my daugter 36yrs and son 39, both are working and living in usa..

    both are not married..both are good looking and have good jobs..

    for 15 yrs i have been praying an asking the Lord to bless both with a good christian spouse and let them get married and have a family…but nothig so far…i am now 69 nd husband 70

    in the bible God says..I will pour out my spirit on you and blessing on your descentants…but now the age is running and feel helpless…Pls pray so i can see a miracle with my children
    thank yu for your support

  8. Dear Gracious Lord, please help my son overcome his drug addiction, anger issues and obsessive disorder over a woman that is possessed by the devil. She preys on weak men. Each thing make the next one worse. I have prayed and prayed for his recovery but it does not seem to be helping. I realize he has to want it too. Please have mercy on him. He is a lost soul wandering in the darkness he has created by his bad choices. I pray to you for his redemption into the person he was born to be and that the Lord created him.
    I ask this of you oh gracious one. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

  9. Pray for me to win the sportpesa jackpot so i can take my kid brother for special treatment. He has been down for 16years now. Amen

  10. Please pray for Pope Francis ‘s daily intentions, his health & world peace . Peace in each family, in each marriage, especially KhoiYen, NguyenHong, ThanhMinh. For thanksgiving for all blessings and graces received. For all souls ( Bac Luy Nguyen & Bac Hoi Do), poor souls in purgatory, unborn babies and forgotten souls . For All sick : Hoi Ha, Joel , Eric M., Olivia , Thanh, John, Thuy , Mr Ed, Claudia , Ken, Jim, Sherri, Father Eric , An Tran, Blake , Kathy N., Kathy, Mary & many many more . For the lonely , unemployed, mentally illness . For people on my prayer list . For Caregivers: olga , Sarah , Debra , and Jane . For my blood work is normal as well as my stomach. For Dr grace, Dr Huyetvaugh, Dr Iqbal and nurses . For Loretta, Brandon, Sheridan, Hanh, Andy , Ngoc , Angie Charlton, The Quinn Family . For Peter not coming to Kansas City please please please . For conversion of poor sinners and especially my own family . For Hoa: Jobs and marriage . For john: health , business, employees & their families. For thanh , Anna , Fancy & Judy. For all teachers and students at HTS , Creighton and st James . For Nina, Martyna, Kailee, Anna, Mr Luke Doyle , Mrs Julie , Mr Andy T., Mrs Megan D., Mrs Pam L., Mrs Pam R., Dr O, Mrs Bri, Mrs Teresa. For all priests, deacons and religious orders . For safe travels. Please watch over my children whenever they are And look for them good spouses . For Anne and JohnPaul at Pray more Novena and for all who are praying with me . Thank you all for your prayers.

  11. Hi John-Paul & Annie,
    I’m in need of special prayers. My 13yr old daughter Caelyn has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her second chemo is on the 13th of January 2018. Please pray for her.

  12. Being falsely accused of something because of misunderstanding. Asking for a miracle intervention to be acquitted without losing my place of employment or affecting my income or emotional or physical harm coming to me or my family

    • Jeffrey,
      Pray Psalm 91 , to the Holy Trinity, our Blessed Mother Mary and all the Celestial Court – don’t forget your Guardian Angel. I’m now offering your petition to them and also before the Blessed Sacrament – also at Mass tomorrow. And as Padre Pio would say Pray, Hope – Don’t worry. Many saints you can choose from St. Therese has 5 day prayer – St. Jude etc.
      3 Day Prayer to our Lady of Mt. Carmel

      Oh, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven.
      Blessed Mother of the Son of God; Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.
      Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me you are my Mother.
      Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity.
      (Mention your request/s here –

      There are none that can withstand your power.
      Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (Say 3x).
      Holy Mary, I place this/these prayer/s in your hands. (Say 3x). Amen.
      Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you.
      I’ve never publish mine but do send it to other people.
      Please also keep my intentions in your prayers.
      Thank you.

      Have a Blessed Day.

  13. My 23 year old son died suddenly on Christmas Day while doing voluntary work in Cambodia. Please pray that he may reach Heaven and that we may receive consolation in our grief.

  14. May the Lord bless me with undisturbed serenity,

    An Excellent Credit Rating

    To be prepared abundantly to go on and enjoy the vacation and one of the trips of my dreams when I want to take that vacation and trip. And that I am blessed with the company I am planning on going on that vacation and trip with.

    • It is God’s Will that you will have abundance in your life. Keep God by your side at all times and let Him guide all your thoughts and actions. Prayers sent your way!

  15. I need prayers for Franklin Antonio Manyoma to be granted parole.
    As a teen he was around the wrong ppl and this landed him 75 years in prison. Franklin has been incarcerated for 27 years. While being incarcerated he studied and today he is a preacher there in a Texas prison. However things have gotten very difficult for him due to the system. Franklin is a changed person. Please keep him in your prayers. So that he will be granted parole.
    Thank you so much

  16. I fervently ask you to pray for my family. It is like we are no longer a family. For the conversion of my husband, Jesus. He will realized that I am the only person working for the 5 of them and soon help me. To guide my children, keep them away from temptation and sin.

    I humbly ask anyone to pray that my prayers will be answered (financially ease my money problem). To give me more strength and acceptance, understanding and courage. This I ask in Jesus name with the intercession of Mama Mary.

  17. My boss would like me to remove from my job, and I had this goiter set for operation this march. If I loss my job I will not have money for my operation. Pls pray for me to find a job as soon as possible.

  18. Dear Annie & John,
    I beg you please pray for my daughter, Tamara M. She’s become an alcoholic and now has depression.  She won’t go to work and keeps giving excuses that she’s sick. She very mentally unstable. She has anger, bitterness and pride. She won’t eat, won’t do any house chores and stays in bed all day and I don’t know how to help  her. 

    She’s refusing to go for medical help. I am a single parent and I also had surgery in December 2017. I prayed with you Novenas for her to get a full time job and she got it and now this is what’s happening. She is a registered nurse. I don’t want her to lose her job.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  19. I pray that I will no longer have an issue with the latest problem I have been dealing with; the Lord knows my troubles. In this I pray for God’s immediate favor about this matter, Amen.

  20. Hello Annie and Paul,

    I beg for your help… please can you storm heaven with prayers for me… I need to change my mind and heart so as to see God’s love in me and everything around me… I am extremely prideful and need a heart of flesh to rid myself of unforgiveness, hatred, resentment… I need to trust Jesus more completely… I want my Jesus and Mother Mary back… especially God the Father Almighty… thank you

  21. Pray For Me So That I May Get 15 Points In Wait For My Result Of Uace Exams (uganda Advanced Certificate Of Education)

  22. Pray for mina dela Cruz to seek God to find her way back to him.Keep her safe from people and places not from God but from the world. Pray to restore our relationship to someday soon to attend the Holy MASS together again

  23. Please pray that my love and trust of Christ will continue to grow and endure so that I can adequately praise and worship Him now and throughout eternity. I pray that in my humility and weakness I can find the strength and grace to offer Him consolation for all He suffered and endured in His love for us. Ecce, Fiat, Magnificant. Amen. All for Jesus!

  24. Thank you, Lord, I was able to go back to my country to spend Christmas with my family and we had a wonderful time together, we had lots to eat and drink.

    My relative is in good health. we had enough money to buy whatever we needed.

    Oh, Lord, I am forever grateful to you

  25. Dear Lord
    My life is filled with strife
    The home i bought and life I began with my bf shattered. He became a abusive threatening to me and my
    I have Nowhere to go and nowhere to turn. I feel hopeless and feel like theres no idr an anything anymore
    I don’t know why where I should go. I cannot afford to stay here. I do not feel wanted. I’m asking for away for forgiveness for my BF do he will get some counseling Snd realize what he Did to us and with gods loving hands I hope he can bring him
    back to us And his heart will be filled with God’s love for us. Pray hr will learn that the error of his ways and stop drinking. We have been battered long enough. Please answer our prayers we have no where else please soften his heart and his words before it’s too late

  26. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. My intention was answered and it worked out. Thank you and now I can enter 2018 in peace!

  27. Thank you my Lord and to this wonderful group who prayed for my daughter s health and the good doctor she has now! I have faith that she will get better. Amen

  28. My son and his,wife are having money problems. And job problems. Live in a trailer with no furnace. Only couple space heaters. And my 5 year old grandson. Living in Illinois. Please pray as,he goes for a,better paying job interview and my daughter in law gets,the job she is,Appling for. Please pray for them. As I will be doing. Thank you. And God Bless.

  29. Please pray that not only my children return to their Catholic Church and practice of their Faith, but for all fallen-away Catholics to return immediately, also. For conversion of all people to the fullness of the Catholic Church and the practice of that Faith, the unity of all Christians.
    End to abortion and Euthanasia all over the world.
    For the Health, Protection and intentions of Pope Francis, all his bishops, priests & apostles of prayers.
    Peace all over the world, in particular Jerusalem & all of Israel.
    For the Health, Protection and Intentions of President Donald Trump & his family & all government leaders & their families. For all leaders in our government & Chrurches to get all the gifts of the Holy Spirit to lead the country back to our one True God, Jesus Christ & lead all other leaders of all nations to Jesus Christ as their Lord & Saviour!

  30. Please pray that my husband can find a job. We are currently in two different countries waiting for him to get a job and would like to be together again. And be able to support ourselves and children properly.


  32. Please ask God to help me to over come this jealousy in my heart at others happiness and help my Christine to find love and happiness with the right person . Help her to get over her past hurt.
    Her anxious mum

  33. Dear our Lord Jesus Christ,Mother Mary, Father St. Joseph and St. Jude. Please answer our prayers and petitions. I have always got faith in our Novena and prayers and I encourage all catholic to pray Everyday with or without problems and I believe our lord will help and guide us in our daily life. In difficult time our lord will alway protect and help us . I encourage all of you to pray and never give up hope, may god blessed all of us .

  34. Blessed Infant Jesus on this day my special Christmas novena wish is that you grant us the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. Open snd bless my womb regulate my cycle keep me from fear stress anxiety so my body can conceive. I know you are a gracious God and a rewarder and as much as I want this for my little family to grow you want it more. We have had a difficult road but continue to rest in your promises that our babies at coming. I ask everyone on this site to pray for us that the Lord grant us our hearts desire and miracle breath tough our babies. I thank God in advance for a positive report!! In Jesus name amen

  35. Dear Baby Jesus, Happy Birthday! I pray for family peace, health and unity in this most holy time. I pray for my son’s health and recovery. May he overcome his depression and anxiety. I pray that he stay away from marijuana and tattoos, piercings and realizes how bad they are for him, and stay away from negative people. I pray that he forgets his ex girlfriend and realize what a bad relationship it was. I pray that he be ready for work both mentally and physically and be happy, alert, and safe. I pray for my sons and husband to be successful with their jobs, keep their jobs. May they be safe and people around them to be safe and that they be highly respected. I pray for my husband’s and mother’s health. I pray for my sons to meet good Catholic Christian wives so that they may have their own Christian families. I pray for my friends’ sons, mother’s and brother’s health. I pray that my husband and sons return to the church. I pray for Sabrina to get pregnant. I pray for my nephew to find a job. I pray for all the people saying this novena. Please help us all. I love You!

  36. That our business will survive these very difficult times and for the families we employ. That I may have the wisdom to make the right decisions to keep this business surviving and providing a decent wage for our employees.

  37. my special christmas novena prayer is for my childrens father to beat the cancer and hopefully this time the chemotherapy will shrink the tumor. if not, my prayer is that he will get a second opinion with a physician that can remove the tumor and give him many more years to be with his family.

  38. For peace and health for my family and the desire to be closer to God’s direction and companionship. For SCOTT who suffers loss and addiction, that he would have a conversion of heart and a new life.

  39. Please pray for my husband to either get a promotion and raise or a better job making more money. Also pray for my mothers healing. Her mobility etc. arthiritus. My sisters gout and her salvation. Also my boss is a pervert and is assertive. I think this sexual harassment ordeal is a spirit that is surfacing. It is a demonic spirit. He touched me in a way that I felt very uncomfortable. He is high in his position and liked by all the higher officials. He calls me into his office to pretend to talk business then his eyes wander. He makes sexual remarks towards me about my breast . He hints around about open marriages because I am married. He constantly makes negative remarks about my husband and does not know him. I am tired of it. HELP..I love my job but I want to leave and find better and peace. I am in admissions for now. Please pray that a door will be opened for me to work and use my gifts. In Jesus Name

  40. My prayer is for children who are suffering from famine in Africa, also American children. Oh Lord, bring the holy ghost, and baptism to my nieces and nephews and their grandchildren. I will for them to meet Jesus Christ delivered by Holy Mary and Joseph. Oh Lord, According to my will and your mercy; I believe my prayer will be answered. Thank you! Hallelujah!

  41. Dear Lord please pray for abortion to end. That those who are contemplating an abortion ask the Lord to help them not to abort and to let the child live. In Jesus name I ask thee.

  42. For Kevin, Xavier, Cindy, Jordan, Donna, Annabelle, Karen, Ron, Patti, Jack, River, Margie, Paul, Debbie, Elizabeth, Robert, Elyse, Mindy, and that I get better

  43. For Elizabeth, Robert, Elyse, Margie, Paul, Patti, River, Jack, Ron, Karen, Mindy, Donna, Annabelle, Cindy, Jordan, Debbie and That I get better

  44. Dear God, please forgive me for my sins. I pray for all that have sinned against You. I pray that people will rethink having an abortion. I pray to strengthen all those people to make the right decisions. It is something you will live with the rest of your lives. Please forgive us and strengthen us and guide us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  45. Praying that I will be blessed with employment at the hospital that I recently interviewed at. Praying for an end to abortion. Praying for all the poor souls in purgatory, that God will have mercy upon them. Praying for all who are praying this novena, that their intentions will be answered. Praying for Gods will to be done in my life. Merry Christmas to all!!! Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!!!! I love you!!!!

  46. Dear Baby Jesus, I pray for family peace, health and unity in this most holy time. I pray for my son’s health and recovery. May he overcome his depression and anxiety. I pray that he stay away from marijuana and tattoos, piercings and realizes how bad they are for him. I pray that he forgets his ex girlfriend and realize what a bad relationship it was. I pray that he be ready for work both mentally and physically and be happy, alert, and safe. I pray for my sons and husband to be successful with their jobs, and keep their jobs. May they be safe and people around them to be safe and that they be highly respected. I pray for my husband’s and mother’s health. I pray for my sons to meet good Catholic Christian wives so that they may have their own Christian families. I pray for my friends’ sons, mother’s and brother’s health. I pray that my husband and sons return to the church. I pray for Sabrina to get pregnant. I pray for my nephew to find a job. I pray for all the people saying this novena. Please help us all. I love You! Merry Christmas and happy birthday!

  47. Lord God and Jesus, we thank you for your day to day blessings. Thank you for taking care of our families. We ask for your forgiveness, we pray for your financial miracles to pay our debts, oopportunity to work and miracle to give my wife the knowledge to pass her NCLEX. Your will, Amen.

  48. May the world be purged of abortions forever. I pray for a holy and happy Christmas for my family and myself and for all the world. Peace to all of us in this world.

  49. Lord Jesus, please fill our world with peace and bring an ending to all violence, war, oppression, and injustices worldwide. Please fill our world leaders with humility, compassion, true wisdom, and a desire to seek justice and peace for all nations and people everywhere. Please hasten the downfalls of the wicked and uphold Your righteous people. Please unite all people and all nations in love and put an end to all divisiveness among people and nations everywhere. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

  50. Happy Birthday to Our Lord Jesus Christ,

    I humbly come before you asking that family members both immediate and extended as well as friends who do not know you develop a deep relationship with you. I also humbly ask for new employment and restoration of our finances after 8 + months of unemployment. This I humbly ask in your name, Amen.

  51. Dear Lord Jesus my mother needs inner healing for my father and my brother who passed on and for my brother who went missing please Lord Jesus restore my mother W.J. the pain is too much for her. I love you Jesus Son of the Most High Happy Birthday

  52. Happy Birthday Lord Jesus Christ we love you please change my life I want to do what is pleasing to you forgive my many sins.

  53. Almighty & ever living God I thank You for the gift of life. I ask that You may forgive me for I’ve participated in abortion! I regret all sins & I ask Mother Mary, all the Angels & Saints & to you my brothers & sisters to pray for me to God our Father. I make this prayer through Christ our Lord….Amen. Thank You Father

  54. Oh Lord Jesus Christ, on the last day of novena, you know me, you know my wishes, needs, sufferings and also challenges I face. Please ease my burdens. Give me wisdom and knowledge to run a successful business and help me to choose trustworthy people to work with in the business. Protect all my family members from all evil. Help me to raise my kids with love and to fear the Lord. Let there be peace love and trustworthy in my marriage and understanding each other.Amen

  55. I pray for Grace of favour of miraculous conception of only male children for we EJ, my daughter and husband. Grant my heart desires in this and other areas of the their EJ and Jude lives, in Christ Jesus. I pray for Omotese success at the two remaining papers at ICAN. Jesus give my children fulfilling jobs. Make the light of omohegbele Caleb Iyoha shine. Break the fallow grounds of our lives and let us be tilled in Christ I pray. Lord Jesus Christ, word of life grant me, children and siblings favour in all our endeavors. Send me helpers Jesus, and the helpers you have already sent keep them in my life by your annointing and Grace that they will never be offended I n me. Let them continue to see good in me until you send higher and better ones, I so decree in Jesus name amen. Open New doors and opportunities for me and my children and siblings Christ Jesus so that it will be said of us,look at they whom God has blessed. Thank you Jesus for quick answers to all my prayers.

  56. That my family reconcile with me and return to God. That I be relieved of depression. For souls of family in purgatory and for all who suffer from mental illness thank you

  57. For this I pray, please hear my cries,

    1. To have a job on or before January 31, 2018 that I can get to and from by public transportation easily, and that I will have the money to get there and back or a job within walking distance to and from my place of residence A job that I can do, Accounts Payable Clerk/Processor or Data Entry Clerk/Processor, similar to what I was doing at Apollo Management, with little phone interaction and casual dress. With great pay $45,000.00 a year or more and great benefits, health, dental, eye, 401K, stock, train expense, and 3 or more weeks vacation with great hours 8:00am – 4:30pm or 8:30am – 5:00pm (like I was doing at Apollo Management). In Mount Kisco, NY, within walking distance to and from home, or in White Plains, NY, Tarrytown, NY, or Elmsford, NY that is easy to get to and from by public transportation. Please do not to let my age hold me back from getting another job. To be given a job and that it will last me for the rest of my working life. I ask that this new job bring me happiness and contentment for the rest of my life and that I also bring happiness and contentment to the people around me. I ask that this new job be an easy one and that it will be convenient for me to travel to and from my place of residence by public transportation, or within walking distance to and from my place of residence. I ask that this new job bring me a better salary than my previous places of employment and that I get along with all the people that work with me, and they get along with me. Please bless me ASAP with another job. I am in desperate need of work, I have no income coming in, I have very little money. Please let someone give me another chance very soon, i am so worried and scared. Please please don’t let my age keep me from getting a job, please don’t let me being in debt keep me from getting another job & please don’t let me being out of work for over a year keep me from getting another job. Please let someone give me the chance. Please bless me with a job ASAP. I have been looking for a job for so long now without any luck. You are now my one and only last hope. I ask in the name of your one and only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to be given a new job and that it will last me for the rest of my working life. I ask that this new job bring me happiness and contentment for the rest of my life and that I also bring happiness and contentment to the people around me. I ask that this new job be an easy one and that it will be convenient for me to travel to and from my place of residence by public transportation, or within walking distance of my place of residence. I ask that this new job bring me a better salary than my previous places of employment and that I get along with all the people that work with me and they get along with me.

    2. Not to get evicted for any reason from my apartment & to be able to pay my rent each and every month, I have no income coming in right now. Please bless me with the money I need to pay my rent. Please don’t let us get evicted for any reason, we have nowhere to go. Please help me, please, don’t let us get evicted for any reason, please, we have nowhere to go, please bless me with the money I need to get my rent paid

    3. To take the pain from my body especially on the left side, cure all my illnesses, Systemic Lupus, Neurofibromatosis, Dermatomyositis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

    4. For nothing to get shut off because of non-payment (cell phones, cable/internet/home phone) I need these things so I can look for work, and so that potential employers can get/stay in contact with me

    5. To have benefits real soon so that I can go to the doctors, dentist, eye doctors, I haven’t been to the doctors in months and I really need to go

    6. To be able to take care of Missy, (cat food & litter & misc.)

    7. To be able to put food on the table

    8. Please take all the negative thoughts away from me, & all the negative energy away from my home

    Please bless us all, myself, Jevon, Missy & Jerrel please let us finally find peace and happiness, please let things finally get better for us all.

    Thank you

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


  58. Dearest Saints I ask you all to intervene in my prayer for my Granddaughter and her parents. Her soul is lost. She needs help and guidance. She needs the Lords Mercy now. Take away the bitterness, hate, anger and depression. Send someone to help her please. We are concerned and love her so much. She is in a dark place now, show her the Light of God’s Love. I ask in Jesus Name and His Dear Mother Mary .

  59. Please pray for our friends who lost their daughter, LaPreal in a tragic car accident in Colorado several days ago. She was traveling with her husband who is in the hospital with possible brain damage and their two children (miraculously unhurt).

    Pray for the repose of the soul of LaPreal, daughter, wife, mother , sister and friend and for her family and friends who know this family.

    Thanks you,

  60. Dearest Infant Jesus, I thank you for the blessings you have bestowed upon me Amen
    I humbly ask for help to rid me of all my debts especially what I owe Citibank bank and student loans. I ask for success in our water business, an increase in sales, expansion of our client base and financial blessings for our team Amen.
    Infant Jesus, I ask for your health and strength, guidance and protection, love, peace, light, joy and blessings for myself, my son, my husband, my brothers H,Z,W,A,M my nieces and nephews J,J,L,L,T,I,M my cousins V,J,F,J,P, Lashon and family Amen.
    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  61. Dear Lord

    i humbly pray for your protection upon my children and your divine grace upon my husband to overcome any temptation that comes his way and grant him your blessings to be steadfast in your love and peace. Amen

  62. Lord, I pray that Clauis’ last days are as comfortable as possible and that Marcia will have strength, courage and wisdom to help him through.
    That the health issues of Jim and Donna improve quickly and thoroughly. Amen

  63. I pray for peace of mind and heart. To be more forgiving and accepting to those who matter in my life. I too pray for wisdom and to manage my time effectively especially in my studies. Amen.

  64. Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to find employment, intercede for spiritual and physical healing, for my marriage to be restore.
    Thank you for all the blessings in our life. Jesus I trust in you.

  65. Thank you baby Jesus.Am light hearted and sure your eyes of mercy are on me for sins of the best.Reunite my kids and I.Heal me of my ailments.Amen

  66. Dear Jesus,I hope you aren’t tired of my asking you for mental/brain,emotional and spiritual healing. Please don’t forget me. Use me for something useful.
    Thank you for pushing me to create a home. Father God,how to I mourn the death of my pet pup Ebony. Living alone,wor king night shift,he was my best friend for 15years. I really don’t know how to deal with it.
    Please love me and don’t forget me.
    Thank you.
    Jesus Lisa and Mike need your grace also..and Dave.

  67. Please God, bless my grand children. Please God let H open his heart to me and love me like he did again. Bless all mankind on this the eve of the birth of Jesus.

  68. I am praying to be able to conceive soon and that my husband will accept the pregnancy news and no more abortions in my life and marriage.
    I pray that my husband will not be the blockage of my pregnancy anymore.He doesn’t want a child and I am hopelessly in need of a child.
    Please pray for me to conceive as well as my husband to accept.
    I believe in God the father the son and the holy spirit.Amen.
    Thank you very much.

  69. Dear Lord Jesus , Born at Christmas to The Virgin Mary so long ago,
    Well it is Christmas 2017 and l pray all over the world people enjoy a joyful and peaceful Christmas 2017 and a Happy New Year in 2018 . For myself , l wish and pray a miracle healing comes my way
    soon . I have 2 strokes from 2011 and 2013 , I recovered from my first stroke in 2011 but alas my second suffered in 2013 still prevails . My second stroke has rended me paralysed down my left upper and lower limbs , confined me to a manual wheelchair and home in Bentleigh East , Victoria m Australia . It would be wonderful , to have my strength and energy back soon . My Christmas wish , present and prayer is this can eventuate soon . I pray that can enjoy this Christmas 2017 with all my family . Bless them all during this joyful time and indeed all people around the world . Praise The Lord Forever .
    Your Humble Servant ,
    John Fielder ,
    Bentleigh East , Victoria Australia ,
    24th.December 2017,
    Local Time : 10.03 p.m.

  70. I thank God for the strength of mind and body.God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit i pray for the intentions of all the ppl in this our community who has participated in this wonderful novena i join my voice with theirs to ask for forgiveness of sins and for God to grant everybody here in this group his or her heart desires Amen!!!we will all testify 2018 is our year of amazing grace,favour, breakthrough Amen!grace will always speak for us .✌Amen
    I call him faithful.

  71. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings you have given to my family. Jesus I pray that all of us will continue loving each other and will be more closer to you. I pray for your mercy and grace to help Erica finish her degree smoothly and successfully. I beg you Jesus to please take away all her struggles she’s facing and give Erica enough mental strength to pass all difficult subjects. Jesus I believe in you, I have a hope in you and I love you. Amen.

  72. Holy Nativity…let what God put together be torn apart..what a xmas gift I have got….above all God your Holy Will be done

  73. Dear God , In this time Of The Year , New Year 2018starting , Please Lord protect my family ,, ,, And Help them stay on the right road , in the Name Of Jesus

    I am not sure where I am going Dear Lord , make my road clear ,, and God send me the Love of my life
    Help me with Directions,, Thank You Lord in the Name of Jesus


  75. Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
    I put my family and extended family in Your Hands today and all these days of Christmas. Help us all in our needs. You know everything. Heal Jake from his addiction and keep him safe. Hear our prayers. We trust in You Lord!

  76. Oh Prince of Peace I pray that you will grant us the gift of desernment to know when our friends and relative are in trouble and give us the grace to help them out of such delema.

  77. Praying for urgent peace, love, forgiveness and understanding between my sister and mother. I want all their fights to end this Christmas season, forget all their past hurts and for both of them to love and value one another. I need a miraculous healing in their relationship. Mother Mary please help urgently. We do not have time. Its getting worse daily. Please help their relationship.

  78. Dear Lord, I thank you for my family and I pray that each of them would know you and love you. I pray for my parents who are struggling with many health issues and that I would know how best to help them. I also ask for repentance for all involved in abortions and for all known and unknown sins that I have committed. I pray for everyone who has prayers listed that God would bless them and provide the comfort they need. Thy will be done my Jesus

  79. Thank you my Lord and my God for all the Blessings recieved during this novena and Advent season. My son-in-law got his dream job so desperately needed. My daughter gave us the amazing news that we will be grandparents of a little girl, and my son just completed his first semester of Law School.
    Thank you my Lord and my God!!!!

  80. I pray for all those who have had an abortion. I pray for God to forgive us and to help us to turn away from sin and temptation. Please God forgive me for my sins and please help lead and guide me in the right direction. Thank you. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  81. I pray for the end of abortion and the respect for all life. Please watch over and protect involved with the pro-life movement.
    I pray for all those affected by abortion.
    I pray for world peace and tolerance and respect between differences between people.
    I pray for my parents. Please watch over my mom especially.
    I pray for emotional healing from my anxieties and stress. Please help bring healing.
    I pray that everything works out smoothly with school and that if it’s God’s Will that I am able to continue.
    I pray for everyone who is underemployed and unemployed that they are able to find work to meet all their needs. Please help C find a job.
    I pray that if its God’s Will, “M” and I will be able to make amends. Please help me to forgive and let go of the pain.