Christmas Novena

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Prayers to be used during the Novena of Christmas, or at any other time. Please join us in praying this novena as a preparation for the coming of our Lord on Christmas!

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Christmas Novena

Join thousands of faithful people in praying the Christmas Novena for an end to abortion!

Christmas Novena Prayers

Opening Prayer

O Lord, Word of God, You, whose glory is complete, came to us in perfect humility as a child in the womb. Your love for us and humility is unsurpassed and brings us to our knees in prayer and worship.

Your incarnation forever changed the world.

All Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be, world without end.


Day 1 – Joy

O Lord, infant Jesus, fill us with Joy! The birth of any child is a cause for joy and so much more is the birth of You our Savior. We pray in union with Mary, Your mother, for a greater joy this Christmas.

Day 2 – Humility

O Lord, infant Jesus, grant us great humility! You gave us the model of perfect humility in your incarnation, life and death. We pray for a greater Humility this Christmas.

Day 3 – Faith

O Lord, infant Jesus, give us the gift of Faith! You, Lord, deserve our complete faith. We pray for deeper and more perfect faith in you this Christmas.

Day 4 – Hope

O Lord, infant Jesus, bring us the Hope that saves! Your birth to the Virgin Mary brought a Hope to the world that continues to sustain us. We pray for a saving Hope this Christmas.

Day 5 – Love

O Lord, infant Jesus, inspire in us Your selfless love! You humbled yourself to become like us in all things but sin, and even humbled yourself to die on a cross. We pray that you will help us to love as You love this Christmas.

Day 6 – Peace

O Lord, infant Jesus, give us Your peace! You are the Prince of Peace and the ultimate fulfillment of your incarnation brings us to you in heaven where peace will come to perfection. We pray for peace this Christmas.

Day 7 – Forgiveness

O Lord, infant Jesus, move us to forgive others as you forgive us! Your Divine Mercy is unending! We pray for Your Divine Mercy on us and that we may participate in Your mercy by forgiving others this Christmas.

Day 8 – Holiness

O Lord, infant Jesus, inspire us to be repulsed by sin! You, Lord, are holy but we are not. We pray that you will make us holy and keep us from temptation this Christmas.

Day 9 – Life Eternal

O Lord, infant Jesus, bring us to live eternal with You! Jesus, your nativity was not without purpose. Your purpose was to bring us to You. We pray that you will bring us to Life Eternal with you this Christmas.

Closing Prayers

We pray also for these intentions… (State your intentions here)

May Your Holy Will be done in my life and with these intentions.

We pray that the work of salvation that Your first coming began will reach fulfillment in each of us.

All Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be, world without end.


Christmas Novena Version 2

Opening Prayer:

V. O God, come to my assistance.
R. O Lord, make haste to help me.
Glory be to the Father…

Our Father…


Day 1

The Incarnation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who descended from
the bosom of the eternal Father into the womb of the
Virgin Mary, where, conceived by the Holy Ghost, you
took upon yourself, O Incarnate Word, the form of a
servant for our salvation. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

Day 2

The Visitation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who by means of your
Virgin Mother, visited St. Elizabeth, and filled your
servant, St. John the Baptist, with the Holy Spirit,
sanctifying him from his mother’s womb.
Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord.  Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 3

The Expectation of Birth.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who waited for nine months
enclosed in the womb, and inflamed the heart of the
Virgin Mary and St. Joseph with the most powerful love
and expectation, all for the salvation of the world. Have
mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, 0 Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 4

The Holy Nativity.

O most sweet infant Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary in
Bethlehem, wrapped in poor swaddling clothes, laid
in the manger, glorified by angels, and visited by
shepherds. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

O Jesus born of Virgin bright,
Immortal glory be to thee;
Praise to the Father infinite,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

Christ is at hand. O come, let us worship him.

Our Father…


Day 5

The Circumcision.

O most sweet infant Jesus, circumcised when
eight days old, and called by the glorious name
of Jesus, and proclaimed both by your name and
by your blood, to be the Savior of the world.
Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 6

The Adoration of the Kings.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who was made known
to the three kings, who worshipped you as you lie on
Mary’s breast, and offered you the mystical presents
of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, 0 Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 7

The Presentation.

O most sweet infant Jesus, presented in the temple
by the Virgin Mary, embraced by Simeon, and revealed
to the Jews by Anna the prophetess. Have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…


Day 8

The Flight into Egypt.

O most sweet infant Jesus, whom Herod tried to slay,
carried by St. Joseph with your Mother into Egypt, saved
from death by flight, and glorified by the blood of the
holy innocents. Have mercy on. us.

Have mercy on us. O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…

O Jesu! born of Virgin bright,
Immortal glory be to thee
Praise to the Father infinite,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

Christ is at hand. 0 come, let us worship him.

Our Father…


Day 9

The Journey in Egypt.

O most sweet infant Jesus, who dwelled as an exile
in Egypt for seven years, where spoke your first words,
and, first begin to walk upon this earth. Have mercy upon us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord. Have mercy on us.

Hail Mary…




0 almighty and everliving God, Lord of heaven and earth,
who revealed yourself to little ones, grant, we beg you,
that while we celebrate and honor the most holy mysteries
of your Son, the infant Jesus, and strive to imitate them,
we may arrive at that heavenly kingdom which you have
promised to little children, through the same
Jesus Christ our Lord.


You can pray this novena for any reason, but we pray it to end abortion.

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This pro-life novena is especially important to me because of my pro-life work with Students for Life.

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  1. Please pray for my nephew Michael has severe depression and does not function in life and I pray for my niece Jennifer if it’s God’s will for her to be married and have children

  2. Please pray for my brother Frank he lost his job after 25 years pray for him getting a new job and have peace of mind

  3. Please pray for my son Jonathan going thru a divorce he did not want please keep him healthy body mind and soul Give him strength peace and guidance and confidence Thank You God Bless

  4. Please pray for my Nephew Matt He is in jail Got his wisdom teeth pulled and got hooked on opioids the dentist gave him Please pray for him to have a chance to get out of jail and be Blessed and healed Prayers for his Dad and his 2 children as well as family God Bless Thank You

  5. Please pray for my marriage. We’ve been separated for 8 months. My husband says he loves me but can’t come home with his cocaine / alcohol addiction. I feel I have received so much strength and courage since this started. I have faith God will restore my marriage in God’s way and time.

  6. I have a boyfriend he is working on a ship his name is Negus Cuffie and pray for his protection and for him to be favored and for him to help me and to be honest and for his family to favor me and for our relationship to grow and for him to also make me his wife,and help me financial also and for me to get back in extension in the ministry of agriculture in Grenada or to be selected as a police officer to train because i am on contract and not permanent and i have a son and i had had a rough life so i really want things to work out for me

  7. Dear faithfulls please pray that I reconcile during this lenten season,with a friend who hurt and betrayed me. And God to give us a new start in this friendship with him as our foundation.

    And for the Lord’s peace and presence in our family to destroy and protect us from all evil forces.

    Heavenly father through the intercession of the blessed virgin mary and St. Joseph hear my prayers and light my way.

  8. My grand 4 year old daughter Charlotte has had many ear infections and today her ear drum got a hole in it. Pray for healing of her ears.

  9. Dear brothers and sisters please pray for me that ny son Obinna will return back to me in the form I prepared him since he was born and not be destroyed by the bad influence he joined. I am also committing the rest of my kids to God Uchenna, uzonna and Nnaoma to God for His wisdom guide’s and protection against any bad intentions for I am a single mother raising them by myself. Thank you. Pray to God AMEN AND AMEN

  10. Hi community! I want you to know Im praying for sll your intentions. I’d like ask you if you could pray for my mentally unstable mother. She’s depressed but also dilusinal, being verbally and physically abusive! Pray she accepts a treatment and help. It’s making us very sad and fragile, bringing my own anxiety and depression back. 😔❤

  11. Please pray for me. I will be having my HAAD examination on february 26,2018(monday). I humbly asking for your prayers and pray with me to pass my examination. Thank you very much.

  12. I have acute pains of waist, knee joints and shoulders. I cannot walk freely except with the aid of a walking stick and dragging one leg which the doctor said it’s a sign of a mild stroke. Please join me to pray for my quick recovery.

  13. My destiny to shine spiritually, physically, financially. To carry this pregnancy safe and sound and give birth naturally this year. Grace to seek God first in all I do.

  14. Hi JohnPaul,

    Thank you, I need God right now before I get overwhelmed by depression. I also need a big miracle; otherwise everything I worked hard for will be delayed and lost.

    Please pray for me that God should turn around my Economics exams result from worse to at least average. Let God direct the heart of Dr Rosmy to favour me; I have nowhere to run to than God. This is the miracle I desire and hope for within the next week.

    Oh Lord, have mercy on me and hear my prayers,

  15. Dear Members. I am a new group member. Am currently a refugee claimant in Canada. Kindly pray for me to receive a positive response from Immigration. My two kinds including a baby are suffering back in my country Uganda-Africa.
    Thank you and Be blessed all.

  16. hope everyone is fine in the almightys name,i ask to be prayed for to get a financial breakthrough with my aim of helping people out there,i pray to get confirmation from the interviews I’ve been doing so that my dream of helping the needy comes true,through the intercessors i know the Lord always listens and i pray colleagues here come with me to participate in my prayers in Jesus name

  17. For Permanent Residency to be granted in Canada, as I have no where to go with my baby who has only one parent that’s me.

    For A Job in Array Marketing since I have 90 days left of work permit and 9 days limit to find a job

    For a Safe Life in Canada with my Son Nivaan, and to find my children who are missing with their father since 2015.

  18. Going for surgery on Tuesday if this doesn’t work they’re going to have to remove my leg and with the surgery I could get a bleeder I need all the prayers I can get and also my husband was just diagnosed on the same day with liver and lung cancer we need prayers thank you

  19. Dear the entire community of PrayMoreNovenas,

    I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.I thank you for the much sharing & praying that we have together enjoyed for the past two years.
    Indeed i have benefited so much as a person in terms of developing and staying strong in my faith.Brothers & Sisters in Christ i would love you to sincerely join me in
    prayers for a job.It has been 5 years without any formal employment offer and as you may ques this has been quite hard for me.I even lost my long term fiance due to this.

    I know the Lord has a better plan for me,he gave me a wonderful college degree for a purpose and i have strong unshakeable faith that that purpose will be fulfilled in my life.

    I will be grateful for your sincere prayers.
    The good lord may bless you all.


  20. Please pray for my brother Ivor , who is going for a biopsy tomorrow for his prostrate. There is some doubt in the MRI scan. Please pray that his results are good and he is completely healed in the Name of Jesus.

  21. Please pray for Vivian Weaver, She’s three years old and was just diagnosed with a brain stem tumor.

    Thank you!


  22. Praise God,

    Please pray for my marriage, from past 3 years my husband is attached to another lady age 54 and is not married, they were friends through prayer groups, since 2015
    this lady’s mother died and since then their friendship is become more and more close. I tried my best to make my husband understand that this relationship and attachment
    towards this lady is not right and she needs to go to a lady for counselling and not with you, i did tell him the evil one is very clever and you can be trapped,
    we have 3 children and you got a family. He did not listen but blamed me saying I am doubting him and went and told my family and friends against me, accusing me
    I went for counselling and even to a priest to see where I went wrong that he has started fighting, raising hands on me, catching my neck front the children
    and also said that I am not the right person, that lady needs me, she is alone got no one. This lady is aware we are having fight in the house, and he is telling lies and coming
    to her place, spending time and nights with her. Please pray for me and my children that Our good Lord make this man realise and understand what he is doing is not
    right. Now at present I have gone to a priest who is dealing with marriages and annulment and have told Fr. that I want to save this marriage. Please prayer for our marriage, and children are frightened of the fight which takes place in the house.

    Please pray that Our put this lady away from his life.

  23. During the St. Peregrine Novena I was praying for two friends with cancer. One has recovered sufficiently to resume chemotherapy and one is now in remission.

  24. We are hosting a DIVINE MERCY RETREAT FOR 10TH/11TH MARCH at ” Marian Valley ” Our Lady Help Of Christians Shrine. We would like many young people to join us. Please pray for the success of this coming retreat.

  25. I seek intercessory prayers for healing for cancer and other health issues. I am having back pains and is disturbing me. please ask St Peregrine to pray to our Lady of Lourdes and Our Heavenly father for healing
    thankyou and may God continue to bless you in your ministry

  26. Hey,i need prayers am going through financial difficulties together with mu husband.we have so many debts i dnt know how we will pay them off..our daughter needs money for schoolfees but all doors seem to be closed.We are trusting the Lord to open new doors for us.please please pray with us.God bless you.

  27. Please I would like to ask that you pray with me too; my parents are going through a very difficult time in their marriage, I pray that the good Lord restores their love and devotion to each other. That they may continue to grown in love for each other and for the Lord.

    I am also struggling with my health as I was diagnosed to have fibroid and have a surgery scheduled next month. I am committing my body to God and praying for his divine healing.

    Please also help me pray for my family’s finances. I pray that all our different endeavours may be blessed with success.


  28. Dear all,

    Request all to pray for my family especially for deliverance of my husband from financial debts which is around Rs.85 to 90 lakhs. We find no source to clear this. Though me and my husband are working we are unable to clear this huge amt and the income we get is not sufficient to raise 2 children. Need your powerful prayers to get out of this debts as soon as possible.

  29. Please pray that my suffering stop hurting those I love, everyone it hurts to see me breaking apart before their eyes, my sons, my parents. I am not sure if I can pray to heal? Seems like I’m meant to suffer like roadkill but pray for me to suffer better and understand why I get all this stuff and Hitler never even had a cold. Understand why I’m so terrible, thank you and pray for me to be tougher and not complain. Amen

  30. Hi All
    I need a powerful prayer since I lost my job after election,pray for my financial breakthrough.pray for my relationship in which my spouse is in diaspora and when he always plan to come something always came up.

    Thanks all.stay blessed

  31. hi, kindly pray for me to get a well paying job and for breakthrough of finances .i am udergoing a difficult time .God bless

  32. Hey brethren, Join me in prayer as we pray for my family that Gods’ will may be done so that we may live in peace and unity.pray for my academic life too so that I may perform more better in this semester. Thank you and may God bless you.

  33. Hello all,
    Kindly help me pray for my relationship. I messed up financially and my partner has bee cold hearted since. Its now 1yr and 1month. I need prayers to help me accept Gods will,help me see what God has planed for me. I do want to raise my son in a loving home. I want my family back. Am not sure how to go about things .
    Am afraid of every step I take. Kindly pray for my partner to have a forgiving heart ad come back home and for me to also forgive him and let go of all the anger I feel I have piled up.
    Please pray for us.
    Pray for healing.
    Pray for trust.
    Pray for love.
    Pray for forgiveness.

    Thank you all.

  34. please to pray for a USA visa approval I recently went for the interview and was denied I want to try again because I really need this.

  35. Hello All,
    Please I need powerful prayers. My father passed unexpectedly last month, and my brother 53 years of age has been diagnosed with colon cancer in late September. He has been getting very ill after his chemo treatments. Please pray for strength for my whole family, especially my mother. She has been very sad.

    Thanking everyone in Advance,

    Andrea Rogers

  36. I applied for PhD programs in 3 schools; University of Florida, Universitat Leipzig and the University of Alberta (Canada). Please join me in prayers for successful admission. I am putting my trust in God. Thank you.

    • We are hosting a DIVINE MERCY RETREAT FOR 10TH/11TH MARCH at ” Marian Valley ” Our Lady Help Of Christians Shrine. We would like many young people to join us. Please pray for the success of this coming retreat.

  37. Please pray that God bless my womb and I get pregnant .I have been praying for this for years.May God answer yours prayers .Amen.


  38. Please pray for me as I am having laser treatment on February 15th. I already had cataract surgery in June of 2016. My eye doctor said that this is common for people who needed this. Thank you.

  39. Please pray for my daughter. She is having a difficult time at work and is afraid she won’t get her standard teaching license. Please pray for her peace and success with her licensure. Praise God for his Mercy.

  40. Am praying for my wife’s up coming series of exams leading to her registration with nmc- UK. Dear Lord you know we need this breakthrough this year. Grant us according to your will. Amen

  41. Dear prayer group,
    My prayer request is to stay united as a family and live with my kids. Now my first kid is separated from me due to our financial problems. I am working in the Gulf. Both me and my husband income and not sufficient to raise 2 kids. So we had left the first kid in India when the second kid was born. Also pray for our migration to another country so that we can live together in peace as a family. Thank you all. Amen.

  42. Emmanuel brethren!! I humbly request all prayer warriors to help me pray for my financial breakthrough,i have not paid my rent for three months and my business has collapsed too. I need our Good lord to have mercy on me and open my financial ways so that i can clear my debts. May this happen according to God,s holly will,Amen and Amen. May God bless all of us joined together in prayers.

  43. Am praying for holy matrimony this year 2018.
    Join me in prayer that my partner with whom i have 4 children gets to decide on the date for a wedding.
    Lord this is my year for this..I pray and believe all this in Jesus’s name.Amen

  44. Hi

    This is Sujata .

    Currently I am facing lots of problems in my relationships, Could you please help me to get married to my boyfriend
    My boyfriend name is Nikhil and my name is Sujata

    Kindly pray for a successful marriage and let me know what need to be done for the prayer.

    I am requesting you to pray for my prayer.


  45. Please pray for my four year old grandson who was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in October. He will undergo 3 1/2 to 4 years of treatment both at Children’s Hospital and at home. Thank you.

  46. I pray for a husband and family of my own. Also for the health and happiness of my family, friends, and students.

    Jesus you know my heart.

    In Your Name I pray,


  47. Please pray for complete healing for my husband, John Henderson, as he has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. All mighty healer, please wrap your loving arms around him and guide his physicians here on this earth, give him peace and heal his body from this daemon we call cancer. I ask this in the name Jesus Christ our loving Lord. Amen

  48. My daughter inlaw Charlene Lopes (Now 33) has colon cancer with complications , OH Dear Precious Almighty God we pray for Mercy and healing.
    God please heal and Protect Charlene Lopes.

    God is GREAT!

  49. I have an exam on february 1. Pray for that exam success. I also included in other two rank list. Pray for me for getting government job and speed up my advice. Also pray for getting good partnor.

  50. We ask that you please join us in praying for a miraculous cure for our young son who has been battling brain cancer for almost 4 years. It continues to recur, yet he continues to fight. We ask that God show us His Divine Mercy and spare him from further recurrence, as we are running out of medical options. Oh Lord, please hear our prayer…

  51. Thanking God for my entire life for His protection and guidiance. praying for long life to render services to God and the community. Help me to be able to pray sincerely for those who hate and accused me without a course. Help me to be able to forgive without stress.praying for the gift of cancelling. praying for the power to seeking you all the days of my life . Praying that may i excel in my new place of work. Protect me from the hands of the evil one in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Praying for families with broken marriages.

  52. My wife will be starting chemo treatments very soon for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Our doctor appointment to discuss the treatments is on Tuesday, January 16th. The appoint was scheduled by our doctor today (1/12/18) and to us it is no coincident that the St. Peregrine Novena starts on January 16th. God is great!
    God bless all of you and we will pray for all cancer patients!

  53. Hello
    Help me to pray for my family we are facing many problems right now we lost our daddy since 2002 so we have been raised by single mom for more than a 15 years now, we have no money to to university and our mom she is losing hope in our life please please please help and pray for my family we live in Tanzania. Thank you very much ????. Amen