Answered Prayers from the Immaculate Conception Novena, 2017

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Immaculate Conception NovenaThank you for joining us in praying the Immaculate Conception Novena! If you have had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!


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  1. I specifically prayed for my daughter’s Crohns to go into remission and for me to find a job.

    I interviewed for a job on Friday, that was immediately offered to me and I started on Saturday.
    Our teenage daughter had her annual colonoscopy and endoscopy on Monday. Her Crohns has gone into remission after 4 years of treatment.

  2. We prayed this Novena last year and found out that we were expecting a baby. It was a long awaited miracle after 4 miscarriages and at age for father 58 and mother 46. We had a healthy girl in August this year. For God nothing is impossible. We are so grateful to God and His Immaculate mother Mary.

  3. I was driving with my sister and a friend on September 20th. As we got up the hill i had a sudden urge to pray for my sister who was driving the car. I just made a simple and short prayer. I asked to protect my sister. In less than 3 minutes we had a horrible accident. All of us were unharmed. Given the number of times the car rolled my sister came out fine and we were all well.

    Peace be with you

  4. Praise the Lord who hears our prayers!

    My prayer intention was for an increase in faith in my husband.

    The answer came when I saw him reading an Advent daily devotion book and then when he came with me to daily Mass.

  5. I was praying that a very important document that was sent by my university that is in a different country arrive safely to a College in Canada. That document has arrived safely. Praise to our Blessed Mother.

  6. Chris is recovering. Praise God!
    Prayers continue for complete healing and the healing of the family and for the sale of family property.
    Thank you. God bless.

  7. I am thankful for these prayers. My sister led me to them. As I say the prayers, I feel closer to my Mom, who passed away a few months ago. She was very religious and devoted to the Blessed Mary. If anything they have opened my heart to better faith and hope. No requests have been answered, as of yet, but Believe the Lord is working on them. As my Mom used to say “in God’s time, not mine. ” I thank you.

  8. My friend R has been truly blessed by God. She underwent non-invasive surgery for colon cancer and is doing marvelous. Her faith and love of God has pulled her through this ordeal. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

  9. My daughter and I are speaking again as she needed a place to stay and asked to live with me for awhile. Ty Jesus. And for all of your prayers.

  10. In Praise, our daughter in law seems to be warming up to us . I pray that continues that she opens up her heart to us and we keep our hearts open to her. Thank you Lord Jesus, Mary and Holy Ghost.

  11. Good Morning Everyone, December 7,2017

    I received a good teacher’s evaluation. Now I’m having some trouble getting some of the children on their 1st grade level in reading and math.
    I ‘ve tried many ways. I ask god especially for today for prayers that they do well in their I-Station Math. My principal tells me I do a great job in teaching. I sense something is wrong. May be God is putting through a test. I ask for your prayers for the children as well as myself.
    If anyone would like to be a prayer partner send me a email.
    Blessings !!!
    Tom G.

  12. One of my prayers was that this woman’s ovarian cancer be gone! after chemo and treatment and yesterday surgery the cancer is gone!!! She is a fighter with a positive attitude which helps- but my prayers were answered for her!!!! god bless!!!

  13. I am thankful that i found inner peace after some days of a novena. I haven’t heard any thing from the organization that i am looking forward to work with, but i have profound faith that i passed the interview and i will be called soon. Thank you Mother Mary

  14. My son, Mark, lost his job and the Lord totally transformed his behavior and gave him hope. He is on the path to wholeness. Thanks be to God.

  15. Prayer answered thanks be to God!
    I started a new job yesterday and am grateful to be working and being a blessing for my family and community.

  16. Thank you, Blessed Mother, for the small positive steps in my son’s marriage. Please continue to pray for them and guide them.

  17. I pray each novena for my son’s future. Today I found out the he will be paying into SS and will now have taxes taken out. He was only on contract and now he is salaried. God is good!

  18. Mother,
    You show your hand every time…I may not still understand where things are going or why, but maybe this is for me to understand the mysterious journey your life took you. Much like the red and white crowns you presented to Maximilian, it is the opportunity to connect with the bitter-sweet experiences God asked of you.

  19. Many thanks to our Blessed Mother and to our loving Lord Jesus for cancer remission for a special family member. May she continue to heal.

  20. Thank you blessed Mary , since last week I have been noticing a change for the better from my grandson, slowly improving in his development and I truly believe our blessed saviou will heal him

  21. I step out in faith to know that as my daughter has a interview this morning
    she will get the job that she was previously skipped over. I thank you MOTHER MARY..LJH

  22. My late brother’s son was down with Aids in South Africa. They sent him back to Zimbabwe to die . He was taken to hospital and after 2weeks he is showing positive signs of recovery. Thank you very much for your support

  23. Many thanks for the blessing of healing my hands. The arthritis was seriously affecting my work and home life. The pain is 80% gone! I no longer have to wear the splints to protect them, but I will to prevent further damage. Blessed Mother, thank you for your intercession! I marvel that some people don’t have faith. All we need to do is ask!

  24. Mary, I thank you for your prayers to Jesus for me. I am most great full for this new day God has given me and the opportunity to truly follow Jesus., to be ready. Amen

  25. Thank you Blessed Mother and Jesus for the blessings I have received. I am finally seeing after over 20 years of me asking the Lord to liberate my sons from addiction, I see that they are finally in recovery. I thank you Jesus with all my heart and soul. I pray that they stay in recovery as one of
    Them may have health issues. My trust and faith in Jesusbwill never end. Amen

  26. I prayed that my son find a good paying job and my prayers were answered he went on three interviews and has narrowed it done to 2 I know God will guide him in making the right choice. Glory to God,

  27. Thank you for my blessings! One of my prayer requests was for a new pregnancy for my daughters. One of them is pregnant now and due in June! Please continue to bless both of them.
    Glory to God!

  28. Thank you Blessed Mother for interceding. I passed my certification exam, and my colleagues that have taken thus far also passed!

  29. Thanks be to God and all who have prayed for my intentions. My prayer has been answered and I have been blessed more than I ever deserved.

  30. We have a good friend that found out he had cancer in his prostate and had surgery to remove it. We prayed that he would be doing well after the surgery and after a month is doing great and is cancer FREE!! Thank you, Lord!!!

  31. I had been praying and discerning about whether or not to take a job offer, and I believe Mary made my answer clear during this novena. I am grateful!

  32. One of the things I have been praying for is to find a new house, that is big enough for my family and that we can afford. We found a house that is the perfect size and it’s price was reduced by 20,000 and they even accepted our first offer which was a few thousand less. Now all we need to wait for is the inspection but I feel that it will go just as well.

  33. Thank you Blessed Mother Mary for answering my prayers for my daughter’s health needs. I continue to ask you for your intercession in helping her heal. Watch over my firefighter son and his policeman son and for all those on my prayer list Amen

  34. My husband’s cancer was surgically removed it and it did not metastasize anywhere else. My daughter got the job she applied for, against 20 other applicants. We got the house we needed and wanted.
    Lord I plead with you to help my daughter obtain peace of mind. She works with 2 other people that hardly have any work to do, while she’s stuck doing it all. The supervisors know about it but don’t seem to care. It’s so unfair and unjust. Please, help her.
    In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  35. I prayed that my son and my daughter-in-law would return to the church and they attended Mass last Sunday. God answered my prayers.

  36. Yes, a very serious situation had a positive solution……….thank you
    Mary ! And, thank you, PRAY MORE NOVENAS………….this is a wonderful way to remind us all to think of our faith more often

  37. I had asked prayers for my itchy eyes.
    Now with all prayers the eyes are better, and the itch is gone.
    Thank you Lord and Mother

  38. Thank you Blessed Mother! Through your intercession my son Michael was able to stay in his apartment. Please continue to ask the Holy Trinity for Michael’s healing of mind, body and spirit. I pray the same for all my family and that we will all become great saints. Amen

  39. I had all but given up on my daughter & future son-in-law being married in the church. From the time they announced their engagement, they said there was no way they would have a catholic mass. Well, through praying this novena & the intercession of our Blessed Mother, they have changed their minds & will have a catholic wedding. Thanks be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and to all who are praying this novena.

  40. Dear Mary, conceived without sin, please pray for my broken family consisting of FL, ML and LLT. You know my intentions. May your Divine Son’s will be done! Amen!

  41. I have been looking for a very long time for my Dream Job. I prayed this Novena asking for : Help with all tests and guidance in interviews to say the right thing to ensure a new job in a field I will love for ever.

    3 days after I started this Novena I was told I had passed all referencing, checks and protocols and received my contract.

    Without the almighty Lord and Jesus helping me every step of the way I cannot see how this would have been possible.

    I hope and pray your prayers will also be answered

    God is Good – Amen

  42. I had pray for God to heal me physically and emotionally. Take away my pain. The pain is slowly leaving my body. Thank God. I’m getting stronger everyday as I continue to pray. Thank you dear God. I put my trust in him at all times.

  43. Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus! Some of my prayer requests were answered. My daughter and her family moved back to this state. Also, she got a bettter income job in the field of work that she enjoys. For me; after waiting a whole year, I finally got a response to my letter regarding my retirement income that is desperately needed. I’m still praying for my son, daughter, and myself for each of us to be blessed with a nice home of our own and a new car. We are so grateful for all that we already have; however, we still need a blessing for the above requests. And so it is. Thank you Jesus!

  44. Thank you Dearest Mother for interceeding. I have been healed from depression. I thank you for faith in Your Son Jesus

  45. Dear Inmaculate Conception,
    I thank you for granting peace to my husband and his relationship with his sister. I thank you for a greater understanding and relationship with you, blessed mother of God.
    I thank you for my health because when I thought I was sick I pray to you and I felt healthy.
    Thank you!!!
    Amen Amen

  46. 102 total healing food addiction bingeing food addiction believe trust thank you Live for Jesus and Obey jesus serve all 102 stop All co dependency total healing thank you suffer for christ love and serve all give

  47. I started the Novena to the Immaculate Conception for my daughter who has a platelet count of 20. All tests to find the reason are negative. On the 8th Day it’s 115. Thank you Mother for your intercession.

  48. Mother Mary…I have not been granted my financial breakthrough as yet but I know that with you intercession for me to your son ….I will get it soon …He has granted me His blessings so many times I am forever grateful… Moreover I know he is not going to put in shame and let me suffer or lose my home…so Mother Mary I therefore ask you to continue praying for me.

  49. I praise and Thank God, for answering prayer
    Mother Mary – Thank you for your help and intercession – My prayer have been answered.
    I received for an unexpected Financial favour.
    Thank you for your prayers
    The LORD does it.


  50. My brothers and sisters in Christ praying this Novena to our mother Mary,help me to thank Jesus through his Mother.On the 6th day of this novena, my nephew thrown to jail was released. Praise God and have faith .Thank you Mother of Immaculate conception. Amen

  51. thanks to loving Mother Mary on her Immaculate Conception Feast Day our family is praying with reverence to God and also thanks to HER intercession our Flat House loan through Punjab National Bank is passed and the construction is in progress.

    I thank you loving Lady Mother Mary and honour your Immaculate Conception. We consecrate our entire family and the entire creation of God in your immaculate heart.

    with prayers and thanks. Amen


  52. All glory and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be praised. My son’s Primary School leaving Examination was a great success. Thank you Jesus. Thank you mother Mary for constantly praying for my family. I still await the reconciliation and restoration of my marriage, finances and all that devil has stolen from my husband, son and myself. Let the will of the Father be done for HIS kingdom.

  53. Ashley and Taylor for forgiveness and peace
    Dad, Mitzi, Dorothy peace and kindness all there remaining days
    Carla, Robert, Tony, Melanie for healing
    Tony and Emily for the sale of there home

  54. On Day 1 of the Immaculate Conception Novena I got a job offer, the good news made everyone happy and have hope.

    My sister also got a place to live, where she would be cared for.

    I experienced peace & Reconciliation with my loved ones

    Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary




  56. My best friend had an operation and there were complications. I prayed she would overcome these obstacles and get well again. She is now on the road to recovery and doing well. Thank you for prayers answered.

  57. I have been praying to our Lord Jesus Christ for his assistance on matters close to my family. Christ answered my prayers on his him. All praise and glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord. I trust in you

  58. Both of my children are having s difficult time not having an involved father I’ve prayed for their happiness While praying my novena, my son made plans for him and his sister to go into the city to see the Christmas Tree and Christmas show At first she said no, but my son did not give up until she said yes Thank you Blessed Mother for bringing my children together Helping them see, they have each other I continue to pray for their faith in you and your Son, Jesus Christ Amen

  59. To God be the Glory and all honour to our mother Mary. It is a double testimony. At the end of novena to saint Jude, I got an adjunct lecturing job in one of the universities. Just two days to the end of Novena of Immaculate Conception, God manifested His mercies, I got another appointment as a lecturer in a university too. God is great. Thank you the team members of The novena has drawn me closer to God.

  60. Dear Mother,
    Thankyou for some of my imtentioms that have been heard while others I believe will come to pass in Gods
    time. Your prayers are joy to me and music in my heart.
    Tell your Son that I love him for everything he is doing for my family.

  61. between the prayers there is all time a release of the problems like real. Positions of people changing to the good and there is someone always listening the prayers.
    Sometimes they let you know that they are there by sending a hot shower through your body while praying and sometimes I get a phone call or email after the prayer which fulfilled the wishes I prayed for.

  62. Thank you Blessed Mother for the most urgent of my petitions being granted, in the name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father.

  63. Dear Mother Mary Mother of God Mother of all needy children. My prayer haven’t been answered yet. The bible teaches me to wait and wait patiently. May u let me not lose hope while waiting. Days are running out. We have drove back and forth looking for house to move in to for next few days. It’s getting hard and disappointed. The house we are occupying right now is sold and we signed the end lease form we have to move out! Kindly kindly lead us to Gods will. Pray for us not to be disappointed. We need a home to be called home. May u provide for us our next house and an understanding landlord who will not be bothered by previous evication and rental histories. U are not God of the past but God of current full of promises. Ashame us not and soon I will come back here to give testimony. Mother Mary please hear our cries. Pray for us. Amen

  64. Join me to praise and thank God for answering my prayer , I prayed to have insurance and road tax of my first car and God has done it to me ,,

  65. Dear Blessed Mother,
    Thank you for your help and intercession.
    It looks like my new home is in the immediate future.
    And I can feel the healing of my hardened broken heart.
    Thank you , I praise you

  66. I was praying the Lord and asked Mama Mary’s intercession for my prayers to be answered, and Yes! My prayer was granted It has been 8years praying and finally the Lord hear my prayers in his perfect time.I am now pregnant. Praise the lord.

  67. I just want to say thank you and praise the lord,for the money I received for an unexpected bill that I was secretly worried about and also the kindness which my husband has bestowed on me today.Amen and thank you everyone for your prayers.The lord does here our prayers.

  68. I thank the intercession of our mother Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary and the prayers of all of you. I have been praying for a very long time for several things and during this time of the novena I have seen answers coming

    Been praying for a job and have been called for several interviews and I know I will get a good job soon

    Been having troubled nights full of nightmares and some physical form of attack and the evil influence and bondage have been broken I am able to sleep peacefully

    Been having car troubles and mechanics who were just helping me become in more debts without fixing the problem but now thank God its finally been fixed

    More testimonies are coming as I have this strong faith and I even feel it that God is finishing the work that He has started with me

    I praise God for everything


  69. Requested financial help and got it for an ecpected raise and bonus. Most of all, i thank the Lord for my son Shawn who has been feeling better about himself with no taljs about how he hates the world. I continue to pray for his enlightenment especially that he has ADD. I strongly believe that the Lord is good and will help Shawn find his way. Thank you Mama Mary, please continue to watch and pray for us, Amen.

  70. Thank you so much for the preayers. I was disillusioned yesterday since the company I am working in is being closed at the end of this year. Leaving that alone my woman is pregnant and we are faced with rent issue.
    But I kept calling God’s name to see me through this problem.
    In a few minutes I have been called for an interview on 12th/12/2017.
    Please pray and intercede for me to go through and be elected for the position.

  71. Blessed Virgin Mary I pray that I may be able to see and talk to my daughter whom I haven’t talk and seen for 15 years and I also pray for Divine Justice. Thank you Mama Mary

  72. Lord Jesus Christ and our Mother Mary Immaculate bless my friend to call and talk to me immediately. I am praying throughout this novena for my friend Anjaneyulu to call and talk to me immediately and meet me today.9 days of novena is coming to an end , but my dear friend Anjaneyulu has not called me. I am eagerly praying and waiting anxiously awaiting to hear from my friend Anjaneyulu. Lord our God and Almighty Father in heaven grant me my petition most humbly and bless my friend to call and talk to me immediately. This I ask in the name of our Almighty God and Our Mother Mary with full hope and faith. Amen.

  73. I have been praying for jobs for my sons in the past three novenas and my prayers have been finally answered, all my sons have been accepted and one is already in employment and the other is due to start soon. Thank you Jesus and mother Mary.
    Jesus praise be to Your Name always.

  74. I have been praying for a new job during this novena and mother Mary has grant me a much better job. I am grateful ????????

  75. I prayed for forgiveness and reconciliation between a group of novices and their mistresses. I thank God for answering this petition immediately.

  76. Dear Mother Mary , thank you for hearing my pray that my friends test results would be clear. Yesterday she got the results back and everything was clear.
    Thank you dear Mother of Immaculate Conception, for John Paul and Annie who continue to spread God’s love through the Novenas and audio retreats.

  77. Join me in shouting Praise the Lord!!!
    I have been offering my sister Moteku and friend Banke to God for fruit of the womb and both have been delivered of beautiful baby boy’s at the end of the last Novena and beginning of this Novena. They are all healthy to the glory of God.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers. Amen.

  78. I prayed for a job for my wife during the Christ the king novena.
    I continued with same request on the immaculate conception. 2 days later my wife received a contract letter to work with an airline starting from 1st January 2018 to December 2018.

  79. Please pray for me with my job and pray for my sons job pray we both have respect and help and please PrAy for my son husband mother and myself we pray to be happy healthy safe and patient thank you Mary and all the saints

  80. I prayed for my university graduate daughter to get a job…and she signed a year’s contract for employment yesterday.
    Thank you Our Lady for interceding for us in Jesus’ Name. Amen.