Answered Prayers from the St. Maria Goretti Novena, 2017

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Novena to St. Maria Goretti!

If you have had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

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  1. Praise God! I dedicated this Novena to children who have been separated from their parents and to children who are lost and have not been found. I fasted and prayed on the last day of the Novena. Today God answered our prayers. My cousin who disappeared 26 years ago came home! God is good, all the time! Great miracle!

  2. I was praying for a reply on our application for a residence visa and now I am filling out the forms because I got a positive reply. I feel so much blessed too.

  3. I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t share how the Lord answered my prayers after the Novena to St. Maria Goretti until now. I had specifically prayed that my two nephews who were each living with girlfriends would make the decision to live lives of purity. A few days after the Novena ended, I received a text from my sister-in-law that one of my nephews and his girlfriend were engaged and will be married soon. Thank you, St. Maria Goretti, for your powerful intercession and to our Lord for answered prayers!

  4. Dear John Paul and Annie,
    I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity of joining in these novenas, it is a wonderful help. I have been praying for several graces, and today one has been granted, my son has just received word that he has been selected for a new job, which he really, really wanted, and needed.
    Thank you so much Our Divine Father, Our Mother Mary, St. Anne, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, and all the Saints and Angels, whose aid I have invoked.
    I have also had other graces granted, over time, for which I am eternally grateful.
    I have now joined as a Special Member, and I am looking forward to the next novenas, and to the graces which I am sure will be granted through them, and For God’s mercy.
    Thank You.

  5. I prayed for my daughter’s safe return home. She arrived this afternoon. Praise the Lord & his intercessors.

  6. Good day

    I have been praying to pass my exams from April which I wrote in May. I prayed five novenas for the same request and finally my results came and I passed. I thank The Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Fatima, The Pentecost, The Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Maria Gorretti Novenas. Most of all I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for enabling me to pray to him and ask for his Mercy. I will continue to ask for Mercy and strength for November exams and most importantly for the job.

  7. On Holy Thursday in 1958, I was alone in my room at St. John of God Hospital in South Brighton, Melbourne, when Jesus showed me His Most Sacred Heart. At the Second World Garabandal Conference in Canberra, Australia, I told Mari Loli and her Family of this special event before the Breakfest. Please refer to the many photographs taken during the Conference and the Death of Mari Loli in Australian Garabandal Magazine. Please take note of my messages about Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Garabandal. Please pray for me.
    Charles Lawlor from Mooroopna Australia

  8. Thanks to the little said; even before the end of the Novena, my sister’s daughter was out of the hospital and she is in her to recovery

    Thanks lord Jesus, you really are amazing with your saints.

  9. During the St. Maria Goritte Novena, I prayed for my daughter and son-in-law to find a house to buy. A couple of days after the Novena, a house was put on the market and they had the highest bid! Thank you God for providing them with this house. Thank you St. Maria for interceding for them and for me.

    God Bless.

  10. Praise be Jesus Christ. Our son miraculously got into a good drug rehab and his day in court had a good outcome. He appears motivated. We pray he is repulsed by drug abuse the rest of his life and that he asks Jesus Christ into his heart as his Lord and Savior. Thank you. Very grateful.

  11. Praise n glory to our good Lord!
    During the novena I prayed for amicable settlement of our plot issue.
    Three days ago there was the meeting between the parties to discuss the issue. After the meeting there seems to be hope in amicable settlement.
    Thank you my God fit your goodness n faithfulness. You are the answer to my prayers.

  12. i had 3 prayer requests, for a job, finances for my MSc and for love. some positive things have happened in my life in the direction of all 3, and i can say that i know its God’s doing and my prayers are being answered. :)

  13. I have been praying for years that my husband be healed from his addiction and he had a great week! I am thankful for the good start. Our business is struggling and I prayed for clients and good people to come into our lives. I have a meeting tomorrow that can turn things around for the good. Thank you for everything.

  14. I prayed the novena asking for a reconciliation between my husband and his father. They haven’t spoken in over five years. On the ninth day of the novena, his father reached out to him! While they still haven’t reconciled, I feel that this is a good start and will continue to pray for a full reconciliation. Thanks be to God! Thank you for your intercession, St. Maria!

  15. My husband and I were on vacation with his family and he had excruciating pain, went to Urgent Care, they sent him to hospital for tests. Kidney stone. More testing, 7.1 mm stone. That is huge in size and could never be passed. More excruciating pain. It had to be pulverized. Because it was 4th of July week, no dr or facility available until next week to blast the stone. Prayed Novena that ended Thursday and so did his pain. We are eating until Tuesday for our appointment for the procedure, but he hasn’t had any excruciating pain again. And he is not taking pain meds. Thank you St Maria Goretti!

  16. I thank God,that my prayer was answered in the first week of the novena. I was able to get the money I needed for tuition and am now having my exams and completing on 14/07/2014

  17. Glory be to God who created Heaven and Earth! I prayed this Novena to Saint Mary Goretti asking God to intervene in my relationship that has been in between rocks for the last two months and today my fiance agreed to meet me and we had a lengthy talk about us…I pray that God covers us with the Mighty blood of Jesus and that He will glorify Himself in our union. Hosanna in the Highest!

  18. My husband and I are truly thankful that our prayers concerning the progress of our mortgage application were answered by the final day of this novena.

  19. I have prayed this prayer for nine days. Now I keep my promise to publish this prayer so that I share this Prayer with others: O Jesus who has said “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you”, through the intercession of Mary, Thy most Holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer will be granted and that my pain will be taken away from my body. O Jesus who said “All you ask of the Father in My name, He will grant you”, through the intercession of Mary, Thy most Holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask thy Father in Thy name that my prayer br granted so that the pain in my head will go away. O Jesus Who has said “Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass,” through the intercession of Mary, Thy most Holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted and the constant pain in my head will go away. Amen

  20. As a multiple rape victim, my daughter has struggled for many years with trauma related challenges that have kept her unable to move forward in her life. My intention praying this novena was for my daughter’s healing, purity, and chastity. On St. Maria Goretti’s Feast Day, my daughter made a change in her life toward health. Thank you St. Maria Goretti for interceding for my beloved daughter!

  21. I prayed to Saint Maria Goretti to help my daughter with a school situation and got news today of huge blessing. Thank you for sharing in prayer.

  22. I prayed my son would get the job he wanted. He got the call yesterday. He starts next week. Thank you so much.

  23. During this novena to St. Maria Goretti, I asked for the grace of forgiveness and I was able to forgive one of my relative whom I was finding very difficult to forgive.

    I would also like to share that since my last novena to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have been enriched spiritually. I was praying for one of my loved one who is having anxiety of death. During the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus I was inspired to fast and pray and I am doing it once in a week. Now there is a lot of improvement in his condition.

    Thank you and Praise you Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary, St. Maria Goretti and All Angles and Saints.

  24. Thank you St Maria Goretti for prayers answered. I prayed that my daughter would get the mental help she needs to start recovering from the trauma of being raped and the psychologist who hadn’t been responding was contacted by our insurance customer service rep and has made an appointment for next week for my daughter. I don’t know if this doctor is going to be the right one but at least my daughter is starting to heal…now I pray that if it isn’t the right doctor that she at least can get some benefit from her, and that we will find another doctor who is the right one very quickly.

  25. My medical tests came back negative and I am extremely happy. I thank the God for answering my prayers. May I continue to pray and believe. I try to pray most novenas. The sacred Heart of Jesus answered my prayers.

  26. Thank you for this beautiful novena with your touching reflections on this great and holy child Saint. May St Maria Goretti pray for all of our young people!

  27. Innermost healing I pray in Jesus Name.
    Praying for Successful Somto’s weddn and Gods provision for us.
    Greatful for creating for me an Assistant for the kids coming for this holiday.
    It can only be you ohooo Lord.

  28. I just got a call from my daughter today. She just received an offer for full time job for 12 weeks; this will help her a lot. Thank you so much for this blessing. Thank you for hearing my prayer this God and to you Saint Maria Goretti. Thank you so much.

  29. I am thanking God for answering my prayer concerning my husband’s job for God to make him an invaluable asset to the company and his employers. And now I am thankful to God for making it a reality.
    Thank you Jesus

  30. On the 9 th day of the novena to St. Maria Goretti I was offered two jobs simultaneously on the same day! I have been out of work for 2 months! Praise Jesus!
    Luciano Coson

  31. Thank you St. Maria Goretti for granting this crucial favour to our extended family. Please intercede for their wounds and scars to be healed and that their joy and peace will be renewed and harmony be restored. I pray in Jesus’ Most Precious Name, Amen

  32. My brethren please join me to thank God as the York sack was seen in the second scan last Friday, thus an ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out. God bless you all

  33. I want to thank the Lord for sustaining me through this difficult road I have been and allowing me to have these novenas and wonderful people to pray with. Although my prayers have not yet been answered I have seen small tiny improvements so I know my healing is on the way. Today I am really frustrated and having a rough day am I ask God to please forgive me. I kniw I need yo trust more and I know in my heart He will grant our prayer requests for restored fertility and pregnancy. I ask He please restore my cycle and allow us to conceive and have healthy pregnancy and babies. I know God is God of impossible and He will answer my prayers soon. Please pray with and for me that the Lotd give us our miracle breakthrough in Jesus precious name. Amen