Answered Prayers from the St. Peregrine Novena, 2018

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Thank you for joining us in praying this novena to St. Peregrine! If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below.

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. May God hold you ever nearer to His most loving heart.

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  1. While praying this Novena for many cancer patients and others inflicted with illness, I also prayed that my son be successful in getting the job he had been interviewed for last year. Praise be Our Lord, on the last day of the Novena he got word that he got the job. Thanks to St Peregrine for his intercession. May all those who prayed this novena have their prayers answered. God is Good and Merciful. Amen.

  2. my son had a domestic accident the day this novena started. I prayed for his healing and indeed st Peregrine interceeded. the wound healed so fast. thank u st Peregrine. thank u Lord

  3. Thank u St peregrine for ur intercession! To God be all d glory & praise! My Ca125 levels are normal! Ive been diagnosed stage 1 ovarian ca. Love You po dear God Almighty! Thanks 4 all those who prayed with me n this novena! God bless us more!

  4. Its gratifying to witness the unfailing love of God through the many answered prayers, unanswered prayers and above all, numerous gifts and blessings that we receive but actually never prayed for.
    God is All-Knowing! I believe even before we ask for anything in prayer, He already has an answer. Do we thank God for unanswered prayers? Often not, but mostly for answered prayers because we prayed for that particular thing and it has been granted.
    I thank God for the opportunity to pray with this awesome family and in the last Novena to St. Peregrine, I prayed for three cancer patients who are still undergoing treatment. I am not giving God an ultimatum or a deadline to my request. My greatest joy, however, is that I presented my case through the intercession of St. Peregrine and I have faith that God has answered my prayer. Whatever, the outcome for me, it is ”let Your Will be done, my Father and not my will”. We can pray for healing but the answered prayer is passing on; it is well! For my brothers and sisters in Christ who are praying for healing and probably experience the otherwise answered prayer, please read Romans 14:8-9
    All we need is faith and patience because He answers in so many different ways that often times we don’t seem to understand it all.
    During the Novena to St. Peregrine, I miraculously got a school place for my daughter in high school and this wasn’t anywhere near my prayer request during the Novena. My daughter earnestly wanted to go to Catholic High School (Holy Cross Convent School). It is not easy to get space at this school. She was told to sit for aptitude tests, unfortunately, some of her answer sheets went missing. Only the mathematics paper was found, but I was told that she did not do very well and that was the determining subject.
    Disappointed, however, I thanked God and let His Will be done. I started contemplating about approaching other high schools. I did not lose faith, a week later, the Convent School called for her to resit the aptitude tests and this time around, she managed to clear all the subjects.
    Thank you my Father, thank you, St. Peregrine, thank you family of praymorenovena!

  5. I must confess that I did not finalise the novena and was praying for my daughter who has been having continuous stomach issues and my husband who had broken his leg and it was taking too long to heal. My husband is now able to walk without clutches, thanks St Peregrine. And for my daughter!!! I had this dream that she was going to school and was wearing a sky blue wrap round. She seemed so happy and eager. When I went to church for morning mass, lo and behold, Mother Mary’s wrap (I had never noticed before) was the same colour from the inside. she seemed to be looking at me and smiling! My eyes nearly popped out!
    My daughter is healed. Thanks all for your prayers. Thanks Heaven for looking down on us, children of Eve!

  6. My son has been diagnosed of sickle cell anaemia after the novena he is not in pains again with his temperature normal. Thanks you st. Peregrine and everyone who join us in prayers. Waiting for complete cure of his cells. Praise God.

  7. To God be the glory, I received heal through the prayers of St peregrine. I also thank God all other petition that was answered. To God be the glory forever Amen!

  8. I went for radiotheraphy and result received today that i am free from lung cancer and to reconsult doctor after 6 months. I am very thankful to God and wish all other patients with sickness be cured soon.

  9. I have prayed that my daughter-in-laws tests would come back normal and they have After losing two babies this pregnancy is looking healthy. Thank you St Peregrine.

  10. My husband has Prostate Cancer and just received the results of his annual MRI that there are no significant changes. Thank you to our Blessed Lord, our Blessed Mother and St Peregrine for your intercession.

  11. Praise be to God’ my prayer was answered through the intercession of many saints. I asked for prayers for my son, John, who was battling alcoholism. Because of a DWI, the help of a Godly attorney and a yearlong program for sobriety(he’s done 4 months)., I believe he is on his way to recovery. He is even wanting to go to Celenrate Tecovery! Also. Thanksgiving for my son, Vincent, who we were praying for the acceptance of him by his future mother-in-lAw. Praise the Lord, Vince and Gillian were married Fen. 3, 2018! Thank you dear saints and Dearest Lord!!

  12. My grandson left home six months ago. I prayed that he would call his mother for Christmas. He has renewed has friendship with his mother. I am very grateful.

  13. I pray that my daughter gets over her illness. I pray that my grandson will get some help with his depression, his infections and his basketball. Thank you for listening to my prayers.

  14. I prayed the St. Peregrine Novena and received word that my blood work was substantially much better than expected. Thank you St. Peregrine for the great results. Hopefully, I can continue to improve with each month.

  15. One of the persons I prayed for has been in the hospital since October 2016. He has had many surgeries and setbacks. His mother just told me the first sign of hope in more than 15 months – he was taken off his feeding tube and is eating again. Thank you St. Peregrine and Jesus, and all who prayed this novena. I will continue to pray for his recovery!

  16. My Mom has been bedridden for almost 3 months due to a bad fall. I told her I was praying the St. Peregrine novena for her recovery. She is now able to take small steps, sit down and is feeling much better. Thank you St. Peregrine.

  17. I have had a big engorged vein in my left leg for years. It caused my leg to swell a lot of the time and was very painful and sensitive to the touch. The doctors had wanted to do surgery but due to the fact that I’m allergic to pain medicines, I didn’t want to do it. I asked St Peregrine to heal it like his leg had been healed. Last week, my vein diminished in size, almost to not being felt and it’s not painful. I thank St Peregrine for his inter session and give thanks to our Lord!

  18. My daughter had her bilateral mastectomy 2 weeks ago with the pathology reporting the tumor had shrunk from chemo to 5mm from over 5cm and all lymph nodes and rest of breast tissue and the other breast were cancer free. Thank you Lord and St. Peregrine for prayers answered.

  19. My dad has been plagued with quite a few ailments over the last few months, more so around Christmas time. I was so worried and downcast and I joined in so many novenas around this time. I am so thankful to God and all the Saints for their intercessory prayers because my dad is a lot better now! Please join me in praying for increased strength for my dad with each new day so he can regain his mobility and resume attending mass. God is so kind. Thank you Lord for everything.

  20. I received word this morning that my breast cancer surgery last week was successful–margins are clear as are lymph nodes! Thank you to all who prayed, and to St. Peregrine for interceding for me! Praise be to God!

  21. My granddaughter had a molar cell cancer pregnancy and it is in remission now. Hopefully she will be able to have children. My son is going back to church and is saying the rosary every day too. Thank you to St. Peregrine and to everyone praying with us. We are very grateful.

  22. Thank you St Peregrine for praying for prayer requests. My son in law was given a full time job. I am so grateful for your help and this blessing. Thank you.

  23. I was diagnosed in December with DCIS stage 0 breast cancer and was so frightened when I heard the word “cancer” that I panicked. I had to put my trust in God and I did. A few days later a friend sent me the St. Peregine Novena and I prayed for him to intercede for me. I had a lumpectomy on January 23rd and my check up 5 days later my Dr. told me I was cancer free. I got on my knees to thank Our Savior and St. Peregine for their intercession and I will continue doing so daily.

  24. For a while i had been struggling with hodgskins lymphoma and going through chemo/radiation. so this past novena i prayed for myself and on January 29th i was finally able to that i am cancer free!

  25. After praying many novenas for over two years, my husband is gradually being reconciled with his estranged brother and sisters.

  26. ” I prayed the novena to St. Peregrine for my sisters ex husband. He had kidney cancer.. Doctors thought his kidney might need to be removed. The doctors ended up only needing to remove 10 percent. They expect him to make a full recovery. “

  27. I have no healing to report, but, I am over whelmed with the posts I’ve read. I am so encouraged by this web site and the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for including my intentions and concerns with the many other requests.
    Thank you so much for what you do and the comfort of Christ you share.

  28. Dear st peregrine,my daughter and I have spinal stenosis, also leg daughter needs a financial blessing she is raising two children, she’s divorced, her former husband, pays child support when he wants to. They have court date Mar 21 2018.praying she wins her case.also our two children don’t much strife. Very painful for me.thanks, God bless you stperegrine. Cabe

  29. Please help my son to get a reduced sentence and come home soon.
    He has been away for 13 years, and family need him home. He has made restitution.


  30. My friend Marlene was having surgery to remove a mass that was taking up 25% of her stomach,,,, It was removed successfully and no cancer!!! All praise and glory to God and St. Peregrine too!!! I will keep praying for all others as well daily.. God Bless everyone!!

  31. My brother Matt had a 10 centimeter spot on his ailing liver. After praying the novena, he called to say that the spot is NOT cancerous! God is so good!

  32. My friend Dale had 50% of his tongue removed last July due to tongue cancer. He was still experiencing some swelling and pain in his jaw and a lump in his neck. His doctor recommended a scan that was taken on the last day of the Novena…no cancer was found!! He still needs to go to the doctor to understand the reason for his symptoms, but thanks be to God our almighty and compassionate Father and St. Peregrine and all who prayed for the good test results.

  33. I have been saying these Novena’s with all of you. My niece who has been dealing with metasticized breast cancer, and has been through so many setbacks, and surgeries is improving each day. So very grateful Saint Peregrine.

  34. My cousin had stage 4 liver cancer which was not responding to the chemo treatment. The last hope was a new drug which she was given to her during the Novena. She felt better immediately, and is now even going to work and driving for short periods. Thank you Jesus.

  35. The grace of the present moment. Leticia , my sister is in the 72 hrs post abdominal surgery and hyperthermic Intraperitoneal chemotherapy due to a ovarian cancer. Thanks to God she is stable and doing well. Prayers have help to find the way walking with Christ and surrender ourself to whatever His will be. Calmness and peacefunes and trust is what we are living at this moment . Prayers of thanksgiving and also for those who need desperate a prayer. Virgin of Guadalupe pray for us. St. Peregrino intercede for us.

  36. My dad’s worker who fell ill and was diagnosed of a kidney problem got her miraculous healing. I included her in the novena prayer.

  37. My daughter just finished her second round of chemo treatments. She had a follow-up cat scan which showed no new tumors and won’t need more chemo. Hopefully she will not have any more recurrences and they will find a cure for all types of cancers. Thank you St. Peregrine

  38. feb 5,2018 my husband was undergo selective internal radiation therapy to treat his cholangio carcinoma and it was successful done without side effect and thanks the intercession of St Peregrine and i am still praying to continues healing

  39. One year ago, my 80 year old father was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. This involved removal of a key organ but he cancer was eradicated along with the organ. We pray daily asking for St. Peregrine’s intercession. Today, my father can walk 3-5 miles a day and lifts weights. We are so grateful to God and to St. Peregrine.

  40. I had already started the novena with no particular intentions. However, on the 2nd day or so, I received an email informing me that a cousin was in hospital and was in coma. She lives alone and will turn 80 in May. Apparently she had a stroke and someone finally found her lying in her kitchen, maybe after 2 days. God is good. She was taken to Beth Israel in Boston on the 18th, January. We all prayed for her, and so I continued the novena asking for her recovery. She has just been transferred to rehab on the 3rd. She has not yet fully recovered, but we are very grateful she is alive and is improving. We continue praying for her.

  41. Pray for my son . He is in deprassion. My self with underreactive thyroids I pray that I recover fully and gain back my energy

  42. Thank you St. Peregrine. I have seen the oral surgeon this morning, with wonderful news. I have prayed to many saints, our Blessed Mother, Johova God the Father Almighty! My Savior of course, guidance from the Holy Spirt. My prayer life has improved greatly. I have learned so much about trusting in God. My husband’s health saved last May, literally, we are so thankful. We are in a position of having to move. God has shown us how a VA mortgage will enable us to do this. We are trusting in the Lord to provide this particular house for us. We are shown God’s plan a little at a time. We are walking by faith. Doing our part to make good decisions but listening for God.
    I’m so grateful for St. Peregrine, intercession. Praise God He will never forsake you.

  43. Thank you St. Peregrine, and all the people that have joined us in praying for our grandson. Today his bone scans were clean and there is no more evidence of cancer in his lung. Praise God!

  44. I have been praying for someone often to go to churxh with me;who never really wants to go..&this friend went with me last Sunday;and is reading me scriptures he found on his new bible app-they recommended and follow in our church!

  45. My husband’s cousin Rex’s tests during the novena revealed no cancerous tumors. He does have cancer in his lymph nodes and will start chemo soon so keep him in your prayers during the next 4-6 months of chemo.

  46. My long time friends daughter has suffered greatly these past 2 plus years with Crohn’s disease and numerous complications. Doctors refused surgery because of her insurance and her deteriorating health. During this Novena, two doctors came forward to do the surgery and managed to get it approved through her insurance as an emergency procedure.
    God is good!

    • I offered up my St Peregrine novena for several friends who have have been battling various types of cancer. They all have received very good news in the last week or so that their health has improved & the treatments have produced positive results. Praise God.

  47. I was praying for continued healing to St. Peregrine for a friend in church with stage 4 breast cancer. After treatment she received she is now cancer free! God is good! Praise the Lord!

  48. I had prayed for many intentions in this novena. One being giving financial security to pay my bills. I literally just hung up the phone with Social Security, being told my income will continue. I feel the weight of the universe off of me. Thanks be to God, and I’m thankful for all the Saints and angels who I asked for their intercession for assistant. Also Thanks be to God in all the prayers answered in this novena that I asked for in this community to be heard! Praise God

  49. My brother has a cyst in his kidney and one of his kidneys were removed. He is slowing recovering. He also had a stroke prior to the removal and is paralyzed on the right side hand and leg. I continue to pray for a miracle. St. Peregrine please intercede to Jesus for him and for my nieces cyst to disappear. Also I have been told to do various tests and ask that you intercede for me. Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus, Love You Jesus.

  50. Thank you Saint Peregrine for your intersection. …was praying for my sister Anna whose breast cancer went to her brain….she had 9 tumors in her brain which were zapped by radiation. ..procedure which she had during novenna and we were very scared for her….please keep interceding for her she has more tumors in other parts of her body…..

  51. A family friend of ours was visiting a her parents when she started speaking incoherently, when she was taken in for emergency surgery they discovered some brain tumors.. A couple of years after this Novena! she has a reduction in the tumors and things are getting better! Thanks St. Peregrine!

  52. After praying the novena, I found out a cousin had gone through cancer surgery. I had offered the novena for all who were suffering any kind of illness. My brother has had medical problems for the last year and is doing better.
    Thank all of you for your prayers.

  53. A neighbor of my son has been in and out of hospital with cancer. Dr. told him weeks ago of a treatment that he had small chance to survive but if he did could be eligible for an experimental treatment which is his only help long term. He survived doing well and went home to get strength for the experimental treatment. The doctor said there is no medical explanation for his doing so well.
    I missed the first 5 days of the novena but said it all. Thank you. This whole situation is also bringing my son close to God.

  54. Our granddaughter was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her 3rd birthday. After having the tumor and her kidney removed, she had four months of chemo. At the age of 5, she remains cancer free and continues to grow bigger and stronger…thanks be to God and St.Peregrine.

  55. On Friday, my uncle’s wife that has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer received good news that the tumor has shrunk by 50% after receiving two doses of chemotherapy. The treatment has now been stopped by the oncologist and surgery is recommended to remove tumor. God is indeed a merciful God that answers prayers through the intercession of our Saints.

  56. I prayed for my sister who has stage1 uterine cancer and thank God she has greatly improved and I believe she will be healed soon. I also prayed for my husband who was sick but not diagnosed well. And he finally got diagnosed with gastrointestinal infection, he is receiving medication and recovering well. Thank you Lord for being faithful and merciful to all of us who prayed this novena. Thank you St Peregrine for your wonderful intersession.

  57. I have an answered prayer my little friend Kory is going into a
    remission from his cancer.He will have his last chemo treatment
    this week and his aunt told that the doctor said he is going in remission
    from his cancer.I am so grateful for this answered prayer,Thank you St.Peregrine I am forever grateful and kory`s family is also.In The Name`of Jesus.Amen

  58. All the time , God is good…… Praise God. He answered my prayers. My cousin Mario, had his surgery and a week later. His Dr told him all the cancer was removed…..Zariah had his surgery and today hes back to college. I remain entusting in Jesus.

  59. Prayed for friends who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as for my son and his wife who have been trying to have a baby and have not been able to get pregnant. A week after the novena we got the news that she is pregnant! Praise be to God!

  60. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was told it was cancer on a Monday, surgery was scheduled for Thursday of that same week. I began praying to Saint Periguine on Monday, the day of the diagnosis. Friday of the same week, my oncologist declared me cancer free. I am checked by my oncologist every six months, and I remain cancer free. I pray to Saint Periguine for every person I hear that is fighting cancer.

  61. I started the Novena but did not finish it. But all in all my Mum who battled Cancer of the bones. She was in such too much pain that every time you touched her body she would feel pain. All I prayed for was that our Father’s will is done. The Lord called her on 29th January. She is in Heaven.

  62. Mid-way thru the novena a biopsy determined that the cancer in my brother in law ‘s eye had not spread elsewhere and, with treatment he should make a full recovery.
    All glory be to God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Deep gratitude to you, St Peregrine for your intercession.
    And, to you, our companions on this journey – Pray on!

  63. Please pray for my son depression for not going to High School and to succeed in his education . pray for jose Guadalupe for his mental disorder and for my parents for health

  64. I prayed the Novena for St Peregrine’s intercession for three friends. My prayer for the first was that her uterine cancer would be early stage – she had the surgery and was told she did not need any further treatment! The second friend has metastatic lung cancer and I prayed that whatever God’s plan is for her, it will be done. She was enrolled to an experimental drug program and it looks like she is responding well. My third friend is undergoing chemotherapy for an early stage breast cancer and that my prayer is for her to recover well from her treatment. I believe St Peregrine is still interceding for her and I continue to pray.

    Thank you for all those who prayed for each one of us. Thank you, St Peregrine for interceding to God for our sick friends and relatives.

  65. A neighbor who was suffering with ovarian cancer just had a scan and was told she is cancer free. Thanks for all those who prayed along with me in this novena.
    Still waiting for our friend Cas to be free from cancer or to be mercifully taken home by our Divine Savior

  66. I am giving God All the Glory right now for what He is about to do to the tumor that has been discovered on the back of my tongue! St. Peregrine has reminded me to pray with an expectant faith! Jesus bore our sicknesses and diseases…..and I rebuke this tumor in Jesus name! Amen

  67. I asked healing or a holy death for family member. He was baptised 2 weeks ago and died yesterday. Thanks be to God and also to St. Peregrine.

  68. Our friend Rob eho had a recurrence of his throat cancer was still feeling week and couldn’t swallow after treatment . His recent test showed him to be cancer free! Praise God

  69. I found my lost son on day 2 of the Novena. He’s in bad shape but he’s home. Taking care of him is a challenge. I know and strongly believe that God is working behind the scenes on my behalf. Praise God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  70. I prayed for my brother, Joe who had 3rd stage non-hodgekins lymphoma. Joe gas had chemo since last October. He is now cancer free. GOD BLESS ALL!

  71. My friends Granddaughter had stage 3 Melanoma . After test they believe they got all of it. Thanks for your prayers and thank you Saint Peregrine . My friends Daughter also has cancer .She has been chosen for new studies. God bless all of you.

  72. My sister, Mary, went in for removal of a huge, debilitating, cancerous tumor during the Novena. We have all prayed for the last 6 months daily to St. Peregrine for his help to cure her. After surgery, and a couple days later, pathology came thru. The cancer was all removed and all lymph nodes were benign! Thank you St. Peregrine! Thank you Our Dear Mother and Thank you Dear Lord Jesus!
    She has been so calm during all the treatments and now in her healing.
    In Christ, Sally

  73. My sister has been struggling with infertility for 18 months. On the last day of the novena, she found out she was pregnant. Thank you, St. Peregrine!

  74. Our daughter-in-law, mother of a 2 year old and a 6 month old baby was diagnosed with stage 4 (breast, lungs, liver). She has been in treatment since July. The test results that just came back said the tumors have all shrunk AND the cancer cells are dead! The readings that day were from Psalm 96: “Tell among the nations His glory, and His wonder among all the peoples, for the Lord is great and highly to be praised.”
    Our family thanks all who have been praying and we continue to pray for those on this novena link. Praise God!

  75. My husband and I prayed for a coworker who 406 days prior had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous mass in her chest, the day we finished the novena she had a chest CT which said it was ‘ all clear’

  76. In December 2016, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had surgery and chemotherapy and I was determined cancer free in September. My follow up colonoscopy was clear last month. Thanks St. Peregine and all those praying this novena.

  77. I started the novena to St. Peregrine for my friend Amy who has lymphoma in both her lungs. When she was diagnosed, the doctor said that her lungs were full of small tumors. There were a few that were large ones. She started the treatment and after three months she had a scan and most of the tumors are gone and the big ones have shrunk. Praise God.

    Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession.

  78. Thank you for my anseeard my son had a pain on his hand and went for a MRI scan and the report showed that he has a nerve problem and that he will have to go for a surgery. He had gone and shown it to his family doctor.and his doctor had said that he dont need to have any surgery .as it dont show any thing in the scan.thank you st peregrine

  79. My sister was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer had her chemo and radiation. Now her last mammogram and scan were negative. Thanks be to the glory of God!

  80. I was treated for colon cancer in 2012. It was thought it was gone. However, some cells escaped into the blood stream. Went to my lung. In 2015 Surgery removed that cancer. I learned I could not tolerated chemotherapy. I turned to St. Peregrine in prayer. His strength of intercession with our Lord, Jesus has kept me free of cancer since July 2015. My energy and health has returned. I have a CT screen coming up in March. My prayers and strength come through St. Peregrine’s loving intercession.

  81. I have been praying for several things. One is for my grandmother to get well from pneumonia and congestive heart failure. She has been in and out of the hospital and nursing homes since October. Next, Praying to received my new job notice and a date to switch to the new position. And finally, for my house guest to be able to find an affordable safe home to rent so we can have our home back and build our relationship back. Thank you Saint Peregrine

  82. I have a type of cancer that in incurable but manageable in that it kills you slowly. As a brief background, 1 year after I first went to my doctor, he confessed to me that he didn’t know how I was able to walk into his office because my numbers were so high. He said most people are dead or their organs are shutting down at that point.
    Well at my latest appointment he said he was very pleased with the numbers and that he said I was in remission. God is very merciful and has been extremely kind to me. Put your faith in God and His Divine Mercy. Proclaim it to the world. I tell people to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy daily. You won’t go wrong.

  83. Dear St. Peregrine I thank you with all my heart for your intercession to our beloved Jesus, my son’s rash disappeared. I also thank you for all the persons who got healed. All glory and honor to the Almighty and St. Peregrine, Amen!!!

  84. Brother in law with pancreatic cancer had a good scan…holding steady and we thank St. Peregrine and our Lord for this answered prayer. Prayers continue beyond our novena! God bless!