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Pray More Novenas was created to help you pray by sending you each novena prayer for 9 days. It has transformed the prayer life of thousands of people by bringing them closer to God in a consistent way. We pray that this free service will bless you in the same way! Click here to get started or keep reading to learn more.

Community Novenas

If you join you will get the novena prayers sent to your email inbox each day of the novena so that you can stay on track with your prayers. You'll be praying together with thousands of faithful people all doing the same novena together. Each month we pick a popular and powerful novena to pray together as a community.

Here's the current community novena: St. Anne Novena

Click to Join us in Prayer!

"My Novenas"

You can also pick a novena you want and pray it whenever you want. This is great for your prayer intentions that may not quite fit with the community novena. You can also invite your parish, family or friends to all pray together for a special prayer intention.

Step 1 - Pick a novena from the list here and click Start a Prayer of My Own.
Step 2 - Select the start date of your novena.
Step 3 - Invite your friends, family, priest or parish to join in prayer!

Everyone who joins your novena will also receive email reminders with the prayers included.

How to Use "My Novenas":

  • Pray a novena leading up to the feast day of your parish and your whole parish can join in prayer together!
  • Create a novena for a friend who is sick or suffering and invite friends and family to lift them up with 9 days of prayer!
  • Pray for a private intention on your own. Find a novena that fits your intention and pray on your own!